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Top School Furniture Brands

Over the past ten years, School Outlet has provided top-notch brands at competitive prices to various schools and universities in the United States. Our school furniture is second to none, thanks to our high-quality selections, such as Virco. We prioritize student and teacher comfort so that everyone can learn with ease.

In addition, our school furniture manufacturers are dedicated to providing efficient and innovative solutions to modern teaching. National Public Seating and ECR4Kids are only two of our brands with a history of invention. We consider them among our top-quality manufacturers.

We improve the quality of your classroom while keeping your students’ needs in mind. Browse our wide selection of popular brands here, and reach out to us for more information.

  • Angeles

    Angeles Furniture

    For more than 50 years, Angeles® has provided quality, innovative products for children and classrooms. For this reason, School Outlet is proud to display these products for teachers and their students. Every new Angeles® product goes through extensive testing in centers to ensure that safety, durability and play value. We value this quality control highly and want to address all potential concerns. Angeles® stands behind every product with a generous guarantee.

    Angeles® has become a noteworthy brand. It has since partnered with the Children’s Factory to produce, distribute and deliver to schools nationwide. At School Outlet, we are proud to display the brand and to entertain your students.

  • AmTab

    AmTab School Furniture

    AmTab, a furniture mainstay since 1958, focuses on delivering high-quality school tables, ramps, carts and risers to the world. Each piece of furniture prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Developers pay careful attention to changing student needs and apply new engineering techniques to craft revolutionary furniture that focuses on structure and comfort. What’s more, AmTab also has implemented accommodation into their furniture, for people with disabilities.

    In addition to being first-class with quality, the company ships internationally to every continent, and will give convenience. AmTab always wants to serve new customers, and provide practical furniture for classrooms. For that reason, we are happy to assist their mission in reaching preschools, teachers, and administrators.

  • Mooreco

    Balt Furniture for Classrooms and Offices

    Balt Furniture exists to make life more convenient for teachers so that they can teach efficiently. Adjust your computer workstations for standing, sitting, and moving around when necessary. Add accessories for when you need an extra handle or power outlet. You won’t have to worry about outdated, bulky desks.

  • Diversified Woodcrafts

    Diversified Woodcrafts Furniture

    At School Outlet, we are committed to providing your school with top quality furniture to enhance all your learning environments. We give you the tools so you can teach your students with ease and so that they can succeed in all their classes and in life.

    We are a large distributor of various school furniture brands and only want to supply you with the best. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend exploring Diversified Woodcrafts Furniture. Discover our options below.

  • ECR4Kids

    Daycare Furniture

    Daycare providers have special needs when it comes to furniture. Each item must be safe and meet all regulations. Most importantly, daycare furniture needs to be fun and ergonomic. How does a school handle dramatic play? Daycare furniture must also be sturdy, easy to clean, and just the right size for the children. School Outlet offers a range of products that meet these needs and will make operating your daycare easier. Here are a few of the items we have to offer.

  • Factory Direct Partners

    Daycare Tables and Chairs - Factory Direct Partners Furniture

    Furnish your classrooms, cafeterias, science labs, and more at School Outlet. We pride ourselves on carrying the highest-quality furniture at prices to fit any budget. We offer only the most trusted brands like Factory Direct Partners with a selection for any school from preschool to college. Browse our inventory to find safe and stylish furniture for your school today.

  • Foundations

  • Flash Furniture

    Flash Furniture

    School Outlet provides all sorts of furniture to accommodate your classroom and school needs. We are proud to be the number one purveyor in the United States for popular brands such as Virco, Eureka, and Flash Furniture. Classroom furniture is essential for all learning environments. This is why we take pride in providing a high-quality furniture supply. At School Outlet, academic spheres have the opportunity to enrich their classrooms to their maximum potential.

  • Jonti-Craft

    Jonti-Craft Products and School Supplies

  • Mahar Creative Colors

    Mahar Manufacturing

    Mahar is one of School Outlet's best brands for preschool furniture. They make furniture for pupils in their early childhoods such as daycare furniture, student chairs, activity tables with wood designs, and so much more.

  • National Public Seating

    National Public Seating School Furniture

    National Public Seating School Furniture is a longstanding brand with a dedication to quality. At School Outlet, we offer any NPS items that you need. Our great selection will ensure that you can find exactly which lab tables will go in your chemistry labs, or which folding chairs will assist for visits from alumni and special guests.

  • Oklahoma Sound

    Oklahoma Sound AV Equipment and Lecterns

    Oklahoma Sound has a large amount of audio-visual equipment suited for the classroom and auditorium. You won’t have to worry about finding the right cable when showing off a documentary. We have you covered with any lecterns that you need or technology for learning.

  • Toddler Tables

    Toddler Tables

    At School Outlet, we are happy to display Toddler Tables products. All the products aim to add structure and comfort to daycares and preschools. They will also lift a weight off teachers’ minds and give them a break as they teach children the skills needed to grow and mature. Whether it’s a kids wood table or one that has storage, these items will put kids in the furniture that is comfortable, and also will discourage any mischief in an ideal situation.

  • Waddell

    Waddell Display Cases

    School Outlet provides the best brands for school furniture such as Flash Furniture, Virco, and Wadell. Wadell’s display furniture is an essential asset to have in schools in order to keep students updated with the current events, announcements, and upcoming events.

Classroom Desks, Chairs, And Other Furniture

School Outlet supplies every kind of school desk. You won’t be constrained to one wooden or metal construction. Choose the suitable ones for your teachers and students.

Open front desks are a classic standard for all your kids. Encourage students to work together with collaborative desks, and make sure your faculty is comfortable with their teacher desks. Combo desks are another alternative when students don’t need writing surfaces all the time.

Find everything you need to accommodate different students. Adjustable height desks and seat heights are great for growth spurts. Lift lid desks reduce the need for lockers, while stand up desks reduce sitting time and encourage mobility. Chair desks are good for smaller spaces.

Flash Furniture, in particular, is good when you want different tables. Merely specify your shape, and we can provide the size and model you desire.

Our classroom furniture supply is designed to satisfy all your academic needs. School chairs will make your kids comfortable as they learn. You can wheel tables and chairs into engaging school assemblies, and perfect your audio-visual equipment. Use storage bins for art and robotics, and book carts to help your librarians.

Our podiums with Oklahoma Sound AV Equipment and Lecterns are not only for principals and teachers but also for students as well. Podiums empower your students when they need to give a speech or make an announcement. A comfortable speaking space builds confidence and communication skills for when students have to stand up for what they believe in outside of school. Between our school furniture and your school’s system, we can collaborate to provide a stimulating learning environment for students.

Learning Aids

At School Outlet, we believe that the right classroom chairs, desks, and lecterns all play an immense role in your students’ learning experience. Our school furniture is inclusive of all ages and students with learning disabilities.

Our scholar craft also ranges in different heights and sizes to accommodate your students’ height or age. This is important because if you provide tables, easels, cubbies, and chairs that young children can reach, it contributes towards the development of their independence. Our furniture comes in a variety of colors to aid the stimulation of young children's brains and help them associate different furniture with scholarly activities.

We are non-discriminatory and want to accommodate all students. For this reason, we provide chairs with tablet arms for left-handed students. Such adjustments mean they do not feel hindered in any way and can continue their education without any obstruction.

We encourage you to consider investing in Virco - Left Handed Tablet Arm Chair Desks for each of your classrooms so none of your students feel left out. Learning must be fun and inclusive for everyone. At School Outlet, we make this our priority in offering all kinds of school furniture for your academy.

Reach Out To School Outlet To Find Out More

School Outlet is dedicated to providing you with the safest and most innovative selections for the academic year. This means we only sell the best brands known for excellence, such as Eureka, to ensure you and your students are receiving the highest quality school furniture out there. We guarantee your satisfaction.

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, contact us! Our friendly staff can help you find the right brand from our school furniture suppliers.