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How Upgrading Classroom Furniture Can Help Students SucceedHow Upgrading Classroom Furniture Can Help Students Succeed

Humans are comprised of diverse backgrounds, individual skills, and singular hopes and dreams. When it comes to the classroom, each student is unique in his or her way—every student learns, and interacts with others, differently. Yet, the environment of the classroom affects everyone in it—even the teacher.

Across America, there are millions of students who sit in classrooms throughout the school year. And every classroom is used for a distinctive purpose:

• Art
• Computers or Science
• Music/Choir Rehearsal
• Math, English, or History

Of American students grades 5 through 12, approximately half are engaged and excited about what they’re learning in school. And the environment in which students learn can either enrich or hinder their learning experience. Many environmental factors correlate with poor academic performance, including:

• Insufficient school facilities
• Outside noise
• Poor lighting
• Uncomfortable chairs
• Unmovable furniture

The students in our classrooms need environments that allow them to focus wholeheartedly on what they’re learning and experiencing in a school setting. And they need spaces that cater to how they learn best.

Classroom Furniture Should Be Flexible

In 2016, it is important for classrooms to be equipped with furniture that enables problem solving, communication and collaboration. Classrooms should welcome students into a healthy and open learning environment. With flexible tables, chairs and desks, classrooms can support a variety of activities and learning styles. For example, when classroom furniture can be arranged easily, students can work in small or large groups, individually, and while sitting or standing.

What Furniture is Right For Your Classroom?

The key to success in learning today is flexibility. Not only should classroom furniture be flexible, as in easy to move, but teaching styles should also be so kids can be continuously engaged in what they’re learning.

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