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Seating - Steel Folding Chairs:        Consider the following options:

  • Leg Braces: How many leg braces does the chair have?  The more, the better.

  • Gauge of Steel: Chairs with a better gauge of steel will last longer but cost more.
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Virco 162 - Premium Steel Folding Chair with 1 Rear Leg Brace  (Virco 162) Virco 167 - Premium Steel Folding Chair with 2 Rear Leg Braces  (Virco 167) Virco 165 - Premium Steel Steel Folding Chair with Retractable Tablet Arm Desk  (Virco 165)
NPS Standard All-Steel Folding Chair  (National Public Seating NPS-50) NPS Premium All Steel Folding Chair  (National Public Seating NPS-200) NPS Polyfold Fan Back Triple Brace Double Hinge folding chair  (National Public Seating NPS-1100)
NPS Dolly for 700 and 800 Series Folding Chairs  (National Public Seating NPS-DY-700-800) NPS Dolly for Folding Chairs Holds up to 35 Chairs  (National Public Seating NPS-DY-35) NPS Double - Tier Hanging Chair Truck  (National Public Seating NPS-84)
NPS Chair Truck w/Checkerette Bars  (National Public Seating NPS-42-8) NPS Combination Caddy - 8 Table Caddy  (National Public Seating NPS-42-8-60) NPS Stack Chair Dollies Commercialine Dolly for 850-CL Series Chairs (National Public Seating NPS-DY-CL85)
NPS Premium Lightweight Plastic Folding Chair  (National Public Seating NPS-800) NPS Dolly for 800 Series Folding Chairs  (National Public Seating NPS-DY-700-800)