Best Chemical Resistant Science Lab Tables

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No matter what grade level they are for, science tables should always be built to resist damage from contact with chemicals and other questionable or harmful substances. When it comes to purchasing science lab tables for elementary, middle, and high school, plus university-level, science classrooms, luckily there are a large variety of science tables to choose from.


School Outlet, a virtual school furniture store, carries a wide selection of chemical resistant science lab tables. Our collection includes tables manufactured by Diversified Woodcrafts, National Public Seating, and Shain. The tables School Outlet supplies come in a multitude of styles, sizes, and materials. Here are a few of the best chemical resistant science lab tables on the market today:


Diversified Woodcrafts Metal Science Tables


If you want basic science lab tables that are chemical resistant, then take a look at School Outlets selection of metal science tables manufactured by Diversified Woodcrafts. These tables are available in various table dimensions and heights, and School Outlet offers them with fixed or adjustable table heights.


Not all of the metal tables manufactured by Diversified Woodcrafts are chemical resistant. Many of the tables feature different tops. For example, some feature laminate tabletops, while others have Chemguard tops. If you want a metal science table that is chemical resistant, then consider purchasing a Diversified Woodcrafts table that has a Chemguard, Epoxy Resin, or Phenolic Resin top.


National Public Seating Science Tables


School Outlet carries a variety of science tables manufactured by National Public Seating (NPS). These tables are available from School Outlet in a variety of table dimensions and heights. The table legs are made from solid oak and the tops of the tables resist most chemicals.


Science tables made by NPS are sturdily built and feature rubber leg boots to protect the oak legs from spilled chemicals. The available tabletops School Outlet carries include Solid Phenolic Laminate and Chem-Res Laminate.


Science Lab Workstations and More


Tables designed for science classrooms come in a variety of styles and sizes, so customers should never have difficulty finding the ideal chemical resistant science tables for their classrooms. In addition to the large variety of science lab tables that School Outlet offers as desk solutions for science classrooms, School Outlet also offers an assortment of lab workstations and group tables suitable for science classroom settings.


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