Lockers and Coat Racks for Elementary School Classrooms

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If you are looking for coat racks for your schools classrooms, or preschool cubbies, furniture that can store your kids coats and preschool furniture in general, you have come to the right place! Our wood designs will give your classroom a natural and earthy tone, and itss bright colors will stimulate young students brains. Each of our classroom coat racks is designed with the students development in mind so that they feel their classroom environment supports them rather than hinder them.

Guaranteeing that your elementary school classroom lasts for years means planning out details that will keep it in good condition. One of these is lockers and coatracks that will keep snow and rain covered coats away from your books, papers, and other classroom materials. Best of all, you get to teach your elementary school students organizational skills that will last them a lifetime. Taking care of their own personal space will be necessary throughout the rest of their careers as students and beyond.

Aside from these concerns, many schools are operating with a tight budget. To guarantee you get materials that will make a smart investment in your classroom, get in touch with a quality wholesale supplier of classroom furniture and supplies. Lets take a look at some of the best lockers and coatracks for elementary school classrooms, and what makes them such smart options.

School Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Jonti-Craft Wall Mount Coat Rack

Use this beautiful, convenient fixture for students to hang their coats and bags. The wall mount allows your students to be able to reach their items on their own, encouraging independence. This is crucial for students to become functional individuals in society.

This rack features two durable birch plywood boards and eleven double hooks. You can attach this to the wall at the ideal height for your students, which is also a great way to teach them to take care of their personal belongings.

Features of this coat rack:

  • Store coats and hats within the reach of kids using the Jonti-Craft wall mount coat rack.
  • Fix it to the wall at the ideal height for your growing students.
  • Two sturdy boards have eleven double hooks.
  • Birch plywood resists scratches and wont yellow with age.
  • Top shelf holds lunchboxes and other personal items.

Cubby Coat Rack Combo: Jonti-Craft Baltic Birch Large Wall-Mount Coat Rack with out Cubby Trays

This combination coat rack and cubby is made of Baltic Birch. This Wall-Mount for coat offers you the perfect storage place for coats and supplies for ten students, making it ideal for small classrooms. You can also supply larger classrooms with multiple units for added storage. The laminated surface prevents damage and scratches from zippers and buttons. The rounded edges reduce the risk of scratching skin, or general injury. The ten cubbies in this unit provide the perfect place for shoes, textbooks, and other supplies.

These coat and cubby combination units feature:

  • Built from 100% recycled wood fiber.
  • Protective coating is non-toxic.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Vinyl trim is available in a selection of colors.
  • 10 clear plastic trays and 10 double coat hooks.

Jonti-Craft Baltic Birch Large Wall-Mount Coat Rack with 10 Clear Cubby Trays

If you have a preschool classroom or students in their early childhood, a wall mount comes in handy because you can set the height according to your students average height. This way they can access their materials without the help of an adult. When students feel the need for adults to help them with retrieving their personal belongings or performing daily tasks, they can become co-dependent, which may hinder their emotional maturity and growth.

This Jonti Craft Wall Mount Coat Rack has ten small storage units with trays so students can put their personal items away for safekeeping. The colorful trays allow the teacher to assign a color to each student, so they can learn through association, a helpful tool that will contribute positively in their early learning stages.

Discover More Options with Help From Expert Suppliers of Wholesale School Furniture

At School Outlet, we believe that classroom furniture plays a crucial role in the way students learn, process information and associate classroom subjects. Depending on the type of classroom you teach, the furniture will vary. It is best to plan ahead and select the furniture that will go best with the students age group and school subject in order to create a productive learning environment.

For economical classroom furniture options, you need to go with a wholesale supplier you can trust. If youre interested in these combination coat and cubby fixtures, or any of the other desks, activity tables, chairs, daycare furniture, shelves, and supplies offered by School Outlet, feel free to contact us online, where you can view pictures, prices and details for a wide selection of classroom goods.

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