Top 5 Items Teachers Love When Setting Up a Classroom

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Top 5 Items Teachers Love When Setting Up a Classroom

Teachers need more than just a classroom and books in order to teach their students. A well-designed, well-stocked classroom can make a huge difference. From desks and chairs to odds and ends, here's everything a classroom needs to make a teacher jump up and down with joy:

Functional desks and chairs: We all know that students need a place to sit, but these days there is a wider variety than ever of desks and chairs for classrooms. These include lift-top desks with storage inside of them, a classic style that is particularly useful when students use the same desks day after day. But simple writing desks are also available, as well as a large number of setups for art or science activities that give students plenty of space to get their work done.

Cubbies: This is something that often goes overlooked, but teachers are always excited to have them. Cubbies can be of limitless use both for students and for the teacher. In younger grade levels, students may be assigned a cubby to keep their class supplies in so that things don't get lost from day to day. In any grade level, cubbies are useful for storing materials for special activities and keeping things sorted and organized. A classroom with a set of cubbies is always a neater, easier to use classroom.

Coat racks: Coat racks are mainly used in preschools, kindergartens and early grade levels. Essentially, in any setting where students are not assigned their own lockers out in the hallway, having coat racks in the classroom is a must. This makes it easy to organize students' jackets and book bags so they don't get lost and also to keep distractions out of the classroom. Coat racks typically come with cubbies or shelves above or below to maximize the space students have for their things.

Bulletin board displays: Every teacher delights in designing displays to welcome their students to the classroom on the first day of school, to announce and track contests between students, or to keep students aware of themes in the lessons. Having a good bulletin board is a must, in addition to the chalkboard or whiteboard.

A good AV setup: Teachers these days are more "wired" than ever. They may use their own laptops in class, as well as projectors and tablet devices. Teachers breathe a sigh of relief when their desk or podium is designed to facilitate multimedia usage.

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