Top School Furniture Trends for 2017

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If you havent stepped foot in a modern-day school classroom lately, then you might be surprised by what you see if you do. In many ways school classrooms arent that different from what they once werefor example, its frequent for there to be individual desks arranged in multiple rows; however, with recent advancements in technology (and design) when it comes to computers, school furniture, and the tools students and teachers use to promote learning, a classroom in 2017 certainly shouldnt look like a classroom in 1988 (unless the room hasnt been updated in nearly 3 decades).

As we approach the New Year, there are a number of school furniture trends that have become obvious as of late. Follow along as School Outlet addresses some of the hottest school furniture trends for 2017.

Add Bursts of Color

Hopefully most school classrooms said goodbye to burnt-orange desk chairs and other bland school furniture colors a long time ago. In 2017, one of the top school furniture trends is to a variety of vibrant colors to school classrooms. Color options available for school chairs, combination desks, and school tables extend way past basic blues and reds; therefore, why shouldnt schools incorporate a multitude of colors in the classroom? Colors inspire learning and collaboration.

Also, if there are any dozing students in the classroom, then a variety of bright colors will more than likely help rather than hinder their being awake.

Comfort is #1

Manufacturers of school furniture have worked incredibly hard over the last few decades to create extremely comfortable and appealing school furniture. Consequently, in 2017, if there are classrooms that do not contain comfortable chairs and desks for students and teachers, then there is really no excuse.

When it comes to learning and Americas school classrooms pre-school through university, comfort is always #1. In 2017, school chairs and combination desks manufactured by Virco and National Public Seating are made with ergonomic designs for extreme comfort. Check out School Outlets selection of Virco and NPS chairs and combo desks that incorporate super comfortable one-piece injection-molded shells.

Furniture Styles and Arrangements

For schools looking to revamp the look of their classrooms without investing a ton of money into new furniture pieces, its easy to incorporate unique furniture arrangements. For example, instead of straight rows of desks, try arranging desk rows diagonally; however, there are certainly a number of school furniture designs for schools that have room in their budget to invest in a completely new look. Beyond the basics, there are numerous unique table shapes and furniture pieces schools can incorporate into their spaces in 2017.

Keep Up With the Latest Trends with School Outlet

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