School Air Purifier

To reduce the risk of germs in the classroom, an air purifier can be used to manage the indoor air quality of a specific space. These are ideal for those who have to maintain a high degree of cleanliness and want to reduce the chances of cold and flu viruses spreading through a classroom population. Since most of these devices are designed to clean a certain amount of space, they aren't even just tied to the classroom.

Creative academic personnel might want to use them in every kind of room that they find in their school so they can feel confident about how clean the air really is. Check out the certified size numbers for any air purifier that you might be interested in. Each is normally outfitted with sufficient gear to clean a specified number of square feet of air.

Purifiers For School And Classroom Settings

Usually, classrooms are shaped like a large square or rectangle. To find the size of air purifier youd need, multiply the length and width of the room before checking the certification numbers of each model .

For instance, TruSens air purifiers with monitors and a SensorPod can clean up to 750 sq. ft. on some models. Others are designed to purify smaller spaces that are up to 375 sq. ft. in area.

These machines should generally perform equally as well provided that they're scaled correctly to the size of the room in question.

Certain school air purifiers feature a technology known as HEPA, which stands for high-efficiency particulate air filter. These high-tech filters are capable of removing additional particles from the air, which is useful when dealing with seasonal allergies as well as infectious diseases. Youll find a HEPA filter on Dupont filter-equipped TruSens devices.

Depending on the type of conditions that youre concerned about, you might also want to look into air purifiers that are certified to deal with a specific type of pathogen. For instance, some machines are capable of eliminating the virus that causes COVID-19 according to laboratory tests. Others might be interested in models that are designed to deal with various types of contaminants that might come from certain in-classroom activities. Keep all of these factors in mind while youre shopping for the right device.

Improving Indoor Air Quality Within HVAC Systems

Many people dont give much thought to indoor air quality, which is a shame because its such a serious issue. According to environmental specialists, indoor air quality has been a serious issue for some time now. While an air purifier certainly wont solve every problem related to the air inside of your classroom, they can certainly improve things in a surprisingly speedy way.

Handle Airborne Contaminants With School Outlet

The crew here at School Outlet has tried to put together as big a collection of school air purifiers as possible so that you can get the exact type of equipment that you need to slash the risk of virus transmission.

If you have any questions, then dont hesitate to reach out to our team online. In many cases, we can match your floor space and total number of classroom occupants with the right piece of gear.