Computer and Laptop Charging Carts

In todays digital age, its more important than ever for students to have access to a computer. The right laptop charging stations for your school will ensure that all of your devices are properly charged and ready to go.

Theyre perfect for schools, especially when teachers and staff are expected to take their lessons from classroom to classroom. They come in a variety of different sizes and styles, so you can find one that will fit the specific needs of your educational institution.

Best of all, at School Outlet, we offer a diverse catalog of the industrys most popular brands. Keep the juice flowing to all of your devices with these great charging carts for mobile devices, computers, and laptops.

Computer Charging Stations for Laptops and Mobile Devices

Todays schools are moving forward. Tablets and laptops are providing new tools for the next generation of teachers and students.

However, these tools require more advanced solutions to care and maintenance issues. One of these issues is how to store and charge so many laptops and tablets at once.

Keeping so many electronics safe and charged is a basic necessity in schools now. With our selection of mobile laptop and tablet chargers, this is an easy fix.

High-Quality Charging Carts

There are many different styles and options to choose from when it comes to finding the best fit for your class. To find the perfect combination, you may need to consider the number of devices, the mobility of your staff, and the best complement to your schools design aesthetic.

Diversified Woodcrafts

This Diversified Woodcrafts DIV-5301K mobile cart is great for storing up to 20 laptops or tablets, boasting a rear section that houses multiple outlet strips. Combined with small holes in the bottom of the unit for the plugs, this cart allows for charging while the cart door is locked, keeping the laptops or tablets safe.

The wire dividers, vent, and fan work together to promote heat dispersal. A laminate top covers the oak and oak veneers cart which creates a sturdy case.

Its 4″ ball-bearing swivel casters make this cart easy to maneuver when traveling between classes. The locking wheels make sure this cart stays put when you need it to be stable.

Luxor Charging Stations

If you need a wide range of size options, then Luxor has everything covered. Their line of charging carts ranges from an 8-tablet Wall or Desk Station to a 32-bay Charging Station for tablets, Chromebooks, iPads, or laptops.

An 8-tablet charging station contains eight bays for charging tablets with ventilated walls for heat dispersal. The padded interior and rubber dividers provide a safe place for electronics. This compact charging station can be placed on a desk or in a cabinet, or it can be mounted on a wall.

Luxor 32-bay Smart Charging Cart

The 32-bay Smart Charging Cart is a larger and more complicated affair. Built from both steel and plastic, this cart is equally durable and stylish while remaining lightweight for mobility.

Holding up to thirty-two laptops or tablets, the built-in smart charging system determines the best charging sequence by detecting the current power status of the devices. Then, it switches the charging modes between full- or cycle-charge to ensure all devices are charging safely.

Mooreco 16 Compartment Economy Tablet Charging Cart

The Mooreco MOR-27689 is a 16-bay tablet charging station. Constructed with steel and wood for durability, the powder-coat finish provides a stylish appearance that looks great in any setting.

Two front locking doors provide security for all tablets, while not complicating access for those who need it. With two columns of 8 horizontal storage shelves, two tablets can charge on each level simultaneously. Finally, its 3″ casters provide a smooth ride while moving the cart, two of which lock for security.

Stay Energized with Laptop Charging Carts from School Outlet

At School Outlet, were committed to providing practical solutions for todays schools. Our focus is on helping to create the best learning environment for your students.

Our furniture and accessories come from trusted brands like ECR4Kids, Luxor, and Diversified Woodcrafts. We provide schools with furniture and accessories to meet any classroom need.

From science labs to pre-school and everything in between, we offer high-quality furniture and accessories at affordable prices. For more ideas on how to use laptop charging carts to optimize the space in your classrooms, reach out to our team today.