Drafting and Art Tables for Schools

Are you in search of drafting and art furniture to meet your classroom budget? You've come to the right place. SchoolOutlet features classroom furniture in a number of different shapes, sizes and colors. Browse our furniture from such quality manufacturers as Virco, and more. We offer a variety of art and drafting furniture perfect for any educational level. Whether it's an elementary art class, a high school drafting class, or a college painting course, we have the furniture and tools you need to host a successful classroom. From drawing tables to drafting tables, we have you covered.

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Art classrooms let students explore their creativity anddevelop skills at all grade levels.

Furnishing your classroom with the right tables is one ofthe most important decisions you will make. You need tables that are:

  • Stable enough to let your artistic studentscreate
  • Large enough to give them space for big canvases
  • Easy to clean up after messy work
  • Easy to store and clean for when art rooms needto be reconfigured

and other simple characteristics. Lets explore some art tables that are affordable, ideal options.

Diversified Woodcrafts: A Popular Classroom Table For All Grades

This art table is perfect for letting students paint, draw and explore. You get two stainless steel prep surfaces, one of stainless steel, and the other with a stainless steel top and sink and the other with galvanized legs under the shelf. The art table comes with a mounted faucet and basket drain. The work height is adjustable, which is useful for students of different ages and sizes.

Diversified Woodcrafts Art: An Art Table Student And Teachers Love

This popularart table is beloved by students and teachers of art in classroomsall over. This is because its design combines all the most useful elements thatpeople need. You have your choice of multiple designs.

  • One and two piece tops
  • Plain apron
  • Two options for drawer sizes and drawer heights

This drawing and painting table is protected by almond colored plastic laminate, an adjustable drawing surface with a pencil stop and soft hinges. This art table is certified as a green product according to MAS Certification, and it is SEFA compliant. Enjoy the sturdy feel of solid maple connection, and the fact that the earth-friendly UV finish makes it resistant to common chemicals in art supplies.

Clay Woodcrafts Clay Wedging Table: Popular For Pottery And Sculpting Work

This wedging table was created with the guidance and advice of teachers. It has an apron and legs made out of solid maple. The true important feature of this table is at the top of it. The canvas top of this wedging table is attached with Velcro which makes putting it on and taking it off a simple, easy process. The top of the table has a clay cutter with a wire fixed to the top and angled over the depth of the top. The wire is attached using a twist-lock fastener, which lets you tighten up the wire as soon as it stretches.

Learn More About Popular Art Tables For Schools At All Grade Levels

Art tables come in a wide range of styles, and they areintended for a wide range of activities ranging from drawing to painting and workingwith clay. You may want expert guidance on figuring out how many tables youwill need and how long they will last. Here at School Outlet, we have helped anumber of educational facilities with grades at all levels find art tables thatwork well for their needs. Contact School Outletonline to learn more.