School Outlet prides itself on providing only the highest quality furniture brands at competitive prices. From classroom tables to school chairs, we have you covered. All of our furniture is designed to enhance the learning experience. We have been providing classroom furniture solutions from preschools to the nations top universities for the past 10 years and continue to grow as a company.

Our folding tables are great for a variety of environments, including cafeterias, meetings, and more. We offer many designs, styles, shapes, and sizes, and are able to fit just a few or many people. Our folding tables are great space savers and fold up easily to allow for efficient storage. No need for folding? Check out our other cafeteria tables in various sizes and shapes and other options to choose which is right for you.

Wood Folding Tables

Virco 602448 6000 series 3/4″ thick particleboard folding table 24″ x 48″

Folding tables are practical for special events hosted by the school. You can set up multiple tables of the same model to have a thanksgiving celebration at school. Folding banquet tables like these make events special and encourage the community bond. These also come in handy for when students want to do bake sales to gather funds for projects or charity.

Virco 6060R 6000 series 3/4″ particleboard folding table 60″ round

Optimize storage space with these round folding tables, by tucking in the legs and placing them in vertical position in your storage closet. You can easily pull them out and assemble the legs and have a table set up in a matter of minutes.

If you feel like conducting class outdoors you can simply take this folding table out and go on with class regularly. These folding tables are versatile and adaptable to any environment. You can use them for a wide variety of events and occasions, the only limit is your imagination.

Furniture For Kitchen Dining

Virco 6166R Core-a-gator, 66″ Round, lightweight folding table, Commercial Quality

Plastic folding tables like this Core-A-Gator are lightweight, making them easy to carry and assemble but also very tough and will hold all your dinner wear gracefully. Ideal for school anniversary events, graduations, book fairs and more! This White folding table can be used with our without a mantelpiece for the plastic core will protect the table from any foods with strong pigmentation. Tables and chairs come separate. Explore our chairs here.

Virco 611872 Core-a-gator, 18″x72″ lightweight folding Table, Commercial Quality

This folding table is a little slimmer and lighter than most tables. You can utilize it as a banquet serving table and arrange multiple dishes side by side for your guests to help themselves. If your banquet is predominantly for adults you can also use this table as a bar.

If you get multiple tables of this same dimension you can create a layout by joining them together if you are hosting a large event.

Get Folding Dining Tables At School Outlet

School Outlet distributes the best school furniture brands like Virco, to make sure your academy is complete with everything you might need. We understand it can get tedious to choose the perfect table when there are so many to choose from! Our online platform is intuitive and ordering online is easy! But, if you are unsure of which folding tables are right for your needs, then please contact us on our online portal where our friendly staff can help you find folding tables that meet your budget and needs.