Lightweight Plastic Folding Tables for Sale

At school or summer camp, the teachers and counselors prepare for fun activities. They decide its a good painting day, or to mess around with clay and figure out what to make. Perhaps its a day when all the kids can get pizza, and they want to have a lot of space to eat. Maybe on Bring your Boardgame to School day, the students want to stabilize their Monopoly board so that no one can claim Boardwalk in a surprise earthquake. Or on Halloween, you want to serve witchs brew fruit punch neatly, so that no one knocks the plastic glasses to the floor, or the dry ice youre using for special effects.

You want to make setup and clean-up easy for these occasions. School Outlet has you covered with lightweight folding tables.

Plastic folding tables serve all kinds of school occasions, from daily lunch in the cafeteria to school banquets. Cheap yet durable, they can set up easily for picnics and fancy lunches, for fun art projects like casting your hand in Plaster of Paris or dusting for fingerprints to study criminology. You can choose if you need round or rectangular, white or any other color depending on school and summer camp needs. The collapsible, foldable legs also allow for easy stacking and storage, especially in classrooms with tight spaces.

Folding Table Models Offered

Which folding table is best for your classroom, cafeteria or activity room for summer camp? Do you want to consider only lightweight plastic options or switch to slick vinyl? Furniture that folds in half? Bright colors? We have it all, and at good prices. You can search here by price, shape, material, dimensions, and brand; our top two table brands are Flash Furniture and National Public Seating. Take advantage of our current sales!

If you want to go on the straight and narrow while investing in a fast cleanup and long-term neatness, School Outlet has the NPS Lightweight Plastic Folding Training Table. The top, lightweight blow-molded, is specifically designed for stain protection, which is perfect for those pizza or fruit punch days and is scratch-resistant to boot. Thick legs with plastic caps on the bottom mean that when kids swing their feet back and forth, they wont stub their toe by accident, and plastic caps on the table legs ensure that the floors wont receive scratches either.

If you want an all-purpose table, we offer the Flash Furniture 60'' Granite White Round Plastic Folding Table. It has quick set-up and disassembly, with impact and stain resistance for use at banquets and hotels as well as classrooms. You can use it indoors and outdoors, for special occasions.

Lightweight Tables for Convenient Fun

With the right folding table, you can spruce up your school day routine and keep your students safely situated as they eat, draw, or play. School Outlet has table options for all ages, from toddlers to middle school kids.

School Outlet is dedicated to providing the best value on high-quality furniture, to make learning fun for kids and easier for teachers. Contact us today to find your perfect folding table.