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Durable Portable Choral Risers for SchoolsDurable Portable Choral Risers for Schools

Choral risers are a necessity for any school because they contribute to the appearance of organization at musical concerts and theater productions. School Outlet offers a variety of stage risers in a number of sizes so that we can meet every school’s need and help each one to succeed.

Various Types of Risers for Every Need

Every school’s need for choral risers is different. Whether a riser is needed for choir or band practice, or a multitude of concerts and plays, School Outlet can fulfill your school’s need for choral risers.

• Seated Riser Sets

Seated Risers are perfect for creating an organized appearance at performances and useful for practices put in while preparing for shows. School Outlet offers a number of stage configurations that are easy to assemble, take-apart and relocate—making them the ideal candidate for seated band or choral riser arrangements.

Each structure is made using 16 gauge steel frames, premium grade plywood core and 14 gauge tubular steel legs. School Outlet offers a number of seated risers in various sizes to meet whatever your school’s need may be.

• Transport Risers

If your school’s use for choral risers involves them needing to be moved frequently, then perhaps Trans-port risers are for you. National Public Seating’s Trans-port riser eliminates the need to set up multi-level risers because it is in itself a three-level riser that is made to be easy to assemble.

Made from aluminum, it is lighter than the steel riser but is just as durable and safe. School Outlet offers multiple variations of Trans-port risers to meet every school’s need.

• Straight Risers

Straight Folding Choral Risers by Midwest Folding Products are best suited for choir performances. They are versatile and flexible, and can be adjusted at different levels so they may fill the need of any performance. Moreover, this riser can be folded which makes for easy transportation and storage abilities.

• Tapered Risers

National Public Seating’s portable choral standing risers are easy to put together and are suitable for all performance venues. Each unit easily attaches to the next to create a multi-level structure. Similar to seated risers, portable risers are made from 16 gauge steel frames and 14 gauge tubular legs. Customizable options are available, which you can view in further detail at

Are You Interested in Purchasing a Choral Riser?

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