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Daycare Furniture

Daycare providers have special needs when it comes to furniture. Each item must be safe and meet all regulations. Most importantly, daycare furniture needs to be fun and ergonomic. How does a school handle dramatic play? Daycare furniture must also be sturdy, easy to clean, and just the right size for the children. School Outlet offers a range of products that meet these needs and will make operating your daycare easier. Here are a few of the items we have to offer.

Early Childhood Furniture


Cribs are an important item for those who care for toddlers and infants. Our L.A. Baby cribs have flame-retardant mattresses and meet all safety requirements for bar spacing. The L.A. Baby Original Holiday Folding Crib in White is one such good option.

We offer folding cribs that can be easily tucked away when not in use, and we offer models with fixed legs. These cribs are an excellent option for daycares, church nurseries, medical facilities, and your home.

Chairs And Seating

We offer a selection of seating choices from Virco, Mahar, and others. You can choose seat heights from 10-15-inches. Virco offers seats with ergonomically contoured seats and seat backs, with the Virco 9010 Preschool Chair – 10″ being a bestseller.

We also offer two-legged rocker chairs. They are designed for comfort and ease. All of our chairs are sturdy and made from materials that are easy to clean.

Shelving Solutions

Shelving is something that you can never seem to have enough of in a daycare setting. Young Time makes sturdy, wooden solutions that are the right height for toddlers and preschool children. They feature rounded corners and beveled edges for safety. You also have plenty of different shelf heights and configurations from which to choose.

Browse super-sized three-shelf single storage units and a range of cubby hole storage sets. Some like the Children’s Factory Value Line Narrow 3-Shelf Storage 24 × 12 × 36 in (CHI-ANG7083) are perfect for the classroom. They are shipped ready to assemble and only require a few basic tools.

We have a wide selection, so you can build the space exactly the way you like to support a range of activities throughout the day. The best part is that you can keep your area tidy and promote good housekeeping habits because everything has its place.

Riding Toys And Activity Stations

Riding toys and activity stations are excellent ways to keep children engaged at a daycare center. They can be used in any room and take little time to set up.

Because multiple children can use these toys simultaneously, they are also an excellent way to engage children with one another. Playing together helps them develop social skills, which is especially important for young children who may not be able to communicate yet.

We also offer ride-on toys for younger children. For younger children, we also offer yard play cribs that are easy to assemble and lightweight to transport.

Riding toys and activity stations provide children with something enjoyable to do during their free play time, allowing them to remain engaged and focused on the task rather than distracted by other things around them.

Chalk & Dry Erase Boards

A chalkboard is an excellent way to encourage children’s creativity for early learning. It allows them to express themselves through drawing and writing, which is essential to their development.

The board also aids in developing fine motor skills, which will be helpful when learning to write. Teachers can use chalkboards as a teaching tool by writing critical facts about the day’s lesson or assignment on the board and having students copy them into their notebooks.

Other Preschool Furniture

School Outlet also offers changing tables that are just the right height and have storage for everything you need. We also offer a wall locker with separate sections for coats, shoes, and other items. Our Young Time stackable locker is an excellent space for personal belongings and supplies. You can add casters to any of our furniture to make it easier to move around to suit your needs.

Feel Confident With Early Learning Using School Outlet

School Outlet offers a complete line of furniture designed for daycare facilities, church nurseries, and for those who care for preschool children. Our products are designed to meet strict standards for quality, safety, and ease of use. They are just the right size for children.

See which furniture makes setting up your space easy because you can get everything you need in one place. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need to find solutions for older children and schools.