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Preschool Furniture & Equipment

Preschool is essential to childhood education, with many classes teaching skills required for primary curricula. For that reason, you need preschool furniture. A kid knowing numbers, letters and socialization can help him, or her get ahead in life. The early childhood furniture you outfit your classroom can significantly impact how your students learn and grow.

  • Preschool Chairs

    Preschool Chairs

    Preschool classroom chairs can significantly benefit every daycare. When toddlers and teachers need to navigate a classroom for different activities, having chair options can improve company logistics.

  • Cubbies & Trays

    Preschool Cubbies

    SchoolOutlet offers a wide selection of cubbies to keep your Preschool or Daycare center neat and tidy. Teachers can choose from a number of different colored or clear storage trays to brighten up a preschool or to keep each student’s belongings in their place.

    You will find a number of sizes, styles, and configurations that will help accent your preschool. To get more information on a particular model, click on one of the pictures below.

    You can add the items to your shopping cart and make an easy and secure purchase. Or if you need help, please contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to help you. Things to consider when making a cubby purchase:

    • How Many Cubby Holes Will You Need?
    • Do You Want Storage Trays With Your Cubby?
    • What Are The Dimensions Of The Cubby You Need?
    • Do You Want High-quality Maple Wood Or Attractive Birch Wood?
  • Shelving & Storage

    Store all your school supplies in our wide collection of classroom storage options. At School Outlet, we dedicate ourselves to providing classroom furniture for academic settings and homeschools. With our classroom storage units, you will be able to organize and safe-keep all your classroom
  • Cots

    Daycare Cots for Schools

    Choosing daycare cots can improve preschool quality time. Nap time is important. Children need a certain amount of sleep during the day to rest and recharge. Naps assist with learning new subjects, and naps help children to sleep better at night because it can be more difficult for children to fall asleep if they are overtired.

  • Rest Mats

    Preschool Nap Mats

    At School Outlet, it is in our belief system that the right kind of classroom furniture can enhance the classroom experience for your students, teachers and staff members. We see classroom furniture as the vehicle for learning and take pride in being able to provide schools with high-quality equipment so that education can be facilitated.

    Nap mats are essential in preschools and daycares. Children get groggy after many hours of play, stimulating activities and physical exercise and need a nap in order to engage further with the rest of the school program.

  • Toddler Tables & Picnic Tables

    Toddler Tables

    At School Outlet, we are happy to display Toddler Tables products. All the products aim to add structure and comfort to daycares and preschools. They will also lift a weight off teachers’ minds and give them a break as they teach children the skills needed to grow and mature. Whether it’s a kids wood table or one that has storage, these items will put kids in the furniture that is comfortable, and also will discourage any mischief in an ideal situation.

  • Cribs & Nursery Furniture

    Daycare Cribs & Nursery Furniture

    A good daycare crib will demonstrate comfort and sturdiness for kids of different sizes. Our cribs and nursery furniture will provide all the tools you need to run a successful daycare or preschool while staying within budget. Find the comfort that students desire when coming for lessons.

Preschool Chairs & Tables For Early Childhood Education

Even preschoolers need comfortable and sturdy workspaces, which is why we carry a wide range of preschool chairs and activity tables. With these chairs and tables, you can give your students designated spaces for arts and crafts or activities that require a sturdy surface. In these collections, you’ll find options from the top, reputable brands, including Virco and Fuerza.

We also carry rockers and gliders if you have younger students or infants. Make nap time safe and more varied if kids need different spaces.

Preschool Activity & Play Furniture

Play is important for young minds. While pretending seems mere fun, it stimulates the imagination. School Outlet has play furniture your students will love.

Play Kitchens And Kitchenettes

Furniture like Young Time Kitchenettes is perfect for encouraging imaginative play. These pieces feature realistic turn controls, “burners, cupboards, and more to allow for interactive and creative play times. A budding chef can take a stab at recreating breakfast or other meals, bringing home comfort to the classroom.

Dramatic Play

To further inspire imaginative play, we also have dramatic play furniture. You’ll find everything from dress-up islands to play living room sets that allow you to set the stage for different shows. Fire up your imagination for different scenarios.

Every classroom could do with a castle. The Jonti-Craft JON-2491JC KYDZ Castle is a Queen size and fits royalty. It’s roomy enough for several kids to claim the throne, slip away for some quiet time, or practice reading. Interlocking walls snap together for easy assembly and storage, and the castle comes with a red curtain for the back windows.

Sensory Tables For Preschools

Sensory play is big for younger children. Having stimulation from different textures and scents can nurture the mind. We have a wide selection of sensory and exploration tables for this reason.

The Jonti-Craft See-Thru Sensory Table is ideal for sensory play involving water. This table has durable wheels, so it’s easy to move around. The clear sides give children a great view of underwater play without getting wet.

For budding engineers, the Jonti-Craft Building Table is great. This table comes with a Lego-compatible top and colored storage bins. The bins make it easy to store building bricks, and the permanent Lego base plate gives them the perfect surface for building. You can encourage simple construction projects and more creative forms of playtime.

Peruse Affordable Preschool Classroom Furniture From School Outlet

At School Outlet, we carry an excellent selection of preschool furniture to help you create the perfect learning environment for your little ones. We have just what you need, whether you’re looking for cribs or cubbies.

School Outlet strives to provide educators with quality, name-brand school furniture at great prices. Our selection of preschool furniture has everything you need to create a welcoming, productive classroom for younger students. Please contact us if you need help finding the right product or have any questions. Our experts are always eager to assist.