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Does your preschool need fun, durable comfortable and affordable furniture?

These tables are found in thousands of pre-schools and elementary schools throughout the USA. Virco early childhood activity tables feature 1 1/8″ particle board with a high-pressure laminate top sheet available in two attractive colors: Fusion Maple and Grey Nebula.

Virco’s Primary Line of activity tables feature attractive banding in seven different colors which can be color matched to your classroom seating. Legs adjust from 17″ – 25″ high which can accommodate children from Pre-School until the 3rd grade.

Here are a few furniture items that really improve preschool classrooms everywhere they are used.

Horseshoe Activity Table: Adjustable Height And Design For Preschool Classrooms

This horseshoe activity table gives teachers an easy place they can survey the projects and work of a whole tableful of students. The edge banding comes in multiple colors, which makes it perfect for a wide range of classroom styles. It also lets super organized people color code their rooms. The high pressure infused laminated top offers a durable, long-lasting surface.

Kidney Tables With Teacher Cutouts: Perfect For Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning should start in preschool because students will be learning how to work and play with others throughout their whole lives. These kidney-shaped tables with teacher cutouts are useful for numerous reasons. Let’s explore what makes the shape such a smart design option.

  1. Teachers can set up a large number of students around the rounded edge. The shape creates enough surface area for a big group of preschoolers to gather around. They can look at displays, color butcher paper, read books and more. Meanwhile, the teacher can sit at the divot in the kidney shape and monitor all of their work at once.
  2. The laminated top is easy to clean, and extremely durable. Preschoolers are tough on tables, and design details like this help ensure your tables last a long time.
  3. The adjustable height makes it easy to work with students of all sizes. You can also repurpose this table for bigger people in a pinch. You have your choice of three different styles for the laminated top and multiple edging options.

Clover Activity Table: Efficient Classroom Space Option

Preschoolers can gather around this clover table for anywhere from one to eight students to study. You can set this up in a preschool study corner or even use it as a desk. You get three options for style of laminated tabletops, and seven different colors of edge banding. This is a fun, creative alternative to typical rectangular tables.

Rectangular Activity Tables: A Staple For Preschool Classrooms Everywhere

These fun preschool tables can be had in any of the primary totals. This is a sturdy option that is made with a high-pressured laminated surface made out of particle board and a backing sheet designed to prevent warping.

It has legs that can lengthen and shorten in order to accommodate students of different heights, and work with different styles of classroom chairs.

Trapezoid Activity Tables: Heavy Duty Multi-Use Classroom Tables

Like the other preschool classroom tables we have been looking at, this trapezoidal table lets you choose from seven edge banding colors and three laminated table tops. This is one of the most versatile options for any classroom. You can face them forwards and use them as your typical student desks. You can push them together to make a hexagonal shape that lets up to 6 students collaborate. You can save space in crowded classrooms by placing the long flat end against the wall. This makes it a great choice for study corners.

Learn More About Why These Tables Are Perfect For Preschools

Learn more about why these tables are built to last with help from our guide to table surfaces and laminates. We take you through the benefits of High-Pressure Lamination (HPL). This is a surface does not scratch easily, and it’s so good at resisting warping that it is often used in high-moisture areas like bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

You have almost certainly seen these materials used in any common seating area, possibly your own school or university cafeterias, fast food restaurants, meeting rooms, or anywhere else that seats large numbers of people.

Learn More About Durable Preschool Classroom Tables

School Outlet is a leading supplier of school furniture goods of all kinds. You can buy these attractive looking classroom tables right here from our website or by contacting one of our School Furniture Specialists at 1-877-398-6449.