3 Different Student Desks Styles You Should Know

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Anybody who has tried to outfit an entire schools worth of desks will quickly figure out that no one style will suit everyones needs. Different types of classes require other desks. Some courses, like art and music programs, may even call for tables more than conventional desks. Furniture manufacturers have stepped up to this challenge and have done their best to accommodate the widest potential variety of customers.

While we have countless types of desks here at School Outlet, a few always attract more than their fair share of interest from serious education market buyers. Take a look at these classroom desk arrangement styles.

Vital Student Desk Styles

School administrators searching through their existing furniture inventory may want to consider some new options since the market has likely changed since their last acquisition requests. Three primary styles have dominated the market in 2022, and theres a high probability of these continuing to prove successful for the foreseeable future.

1. Open Front School Desks

When you think of the term school desk, your mind probably first goes to open-front designs> These have traditionally been some of the most popular used throughout North America. Most feature a solid high-density top laminated to reduce the risk of damage.

Since the open front desks feature a cavity underneath the top, they give students more than enough space to store everything they need for class. Some of the latest models use a particular type of plastic for this underneath the area, so they make less noise than vintage models would have. These are also much more resilient against corrosion.

2. Combo & Chair Desks

Combination and chair desks have a table top integrated into a seat so that you can use them in place of two pieces of furniture. Though these technically constitute two different styles of desks, it may be helpful to consider them as two halves of the same coin. In most cases, the two parts are physically attached, so you can move them together without having to relocate more than one piece at a time. High school and college classrooms have long relied on these arrangements to save room.

3. Junior Executive Desks

Just as the name suggests, junior-sized executive desks offer everything youd expect in a commercial-grade piece of furniture in a size thats perfect for young learners. Junior desks provide a more generous top than youd typically find on a school desk, so theyve become one of the most popular designs for situations where class sizes are smaller.

They generally incorporate some form of storage down one of the sides, which is ideal for students who have to cart a healthy amount of literature to their classes. Most educators should also find them quite durable, especially compared to other types of desks.

Curate Other Desk Arrangement Ideas From School Outlet

School Outlet has spent years researching standing desks and flexible seating options for the classroom. Learning styles change over the years for large or small groups; we adapt accordingly with our furniture.
Desks are just one of the equipment students will need to tackle in the new year. Youll also want to look at lunchroom tables and charging stations. Contact School Outlet for more information about unique styles of furniture that could boost classroom learning.