Choosing the Right Cafeteria and Lunchroom Seating For Your School

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Choosing the Right Cafeteria and Lunchroom Seating For Your SchoolPicking the perfect seating for a school cafeteria can be tough, because the tables you choose ultimately affect everybody's experiences at lunchtime. Fortunately, there are many types of lunch tables to choose from, and School Outlet is going to help you do it.


Bench Style Seating

One of the most popular school lunchroom table choices is bench style seating. School Outlet carries these kinds of tables in various sizes, colors, and even shapes. You can choose from the traditional long rectangle table or a round table.


Bench style seating in the lunchroom is convenient because students are not limited to single seats. These tables are sturdy, easy to clean, and foldable for easy storage.


Stool Style Seating

Lately, stool style seating has become more common in high schools throughout the United States. Similar to bench style seating, these tables are sturdy, easy to clean, and foldable for easy storage; however, students are limited to a number of seats available to sit in.


These tables are ideal for keeping less people at each table, which can otherwise be a safety concern, and these tables allow for a considerable amount of room for each student to enjoy his or her lunch period.


School Outlet carries stool style seating in a variety of colors, and we offer rectangle and round tables.


No Seating

If you're looking for a multi-purpose table without benches or stools, then Mobile Tables Without Seating may be for you. Keep these tables in the lunch room and use pull up chairs during lunchtime, and then use the tables for other activities too that do not require chairs. The number of chairs permitted at each table is flexible, but schools can limit the amount of chairs permitted if necessary.


Convertible Bench Tables

School Outlet offers Convertible Bench Tables, which are a great multi-purpose furniture piece that can be used for seating as well as eating. Many cafeterias are multi-use, so why cant the seating be too?


Banquet and Hospitality Tables

Schools often hold banquets for various sports and clubs, and people usually eat at these events. In addition to buying the perfect lunchroom seating for the students and their parents, consider purchasing high quality banquet and hospitality tables too.


Find All of Your Lunch Room Tables at School Outlet

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