Design of a Classroom Makes a Big Difference

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Design of a Classroom Makes a Big Difference

Classroom design has an impact on the productivity of the students in it, especially younger students. Every student should have a clear view of the teachers podium, chalkboard, dry-erase board, or projector from their desks or tables. There should also be enough space to cut down on intra-student distractions. The classroom should be a relatively comfortable atmosphere, with enough space for desks and classroom tables, where the students can focus on what the teacher is saying and presenting. But there is more than just the practical side to classroom design.

Many factors like the architecture of a space and even the color of it have been shown to have an effect on the productivity of the students. The amount of light, room arrangement, even the type of flooring and the type of furniture all influence how students learn. So a thoughtful arrangement will help students perform fully.

If youre designing a classroom, you first have to decide which direction the whole class will be facing. You need to take into account the windows and doors as potential distractions. You may not have total control over the colors of a classroom, but you can accent certain areas. Deciding which colors can be difficult. There is a book titled Color, Environment, and Human Response by Frank H. Mahnke that can help. It says warm, bright colors are recommended for preschool and elementary school classrooms because they complement the students extroverted nature; cool colors are recommended for middle school and high school classrooms because of their ability to relax and focus concentration; and pale or light green is a good choice for libraries because these colors enhance quietness and concentration.

Another good idea is to add classroom tables in addition to chairs and desks. This will give students the opportunity to gather in certain spots of group activities and a place to set up projects or paperwork. Individual factors are less important than the overall feel of a classroom. A long as the classroom is a comfortable environment, students will perform better and be more productive overall.