Efficient Ways to Order Wholesale School Activity Tables Online

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http://www.schooloutlet.com/4848RLO_Pre_School_Classroom_Activity_Table_p/4848rlo.htmDid you know there are more than 12 different shapes for activity tables? With the many options of activity tables available from School Outlet, you can certainly get creative and make your classroom one that is extremely fun, exciting, engaging, and interactive for students, and you, alike. The first step in choosing which tables are right for your school is to identify your table needs.

Identify Your Table Needs

Consider the needs you have for activity tables and think about what kind of tables would suit your needs best. If you need a table for teachers to use when demonstrating various activities or homework assignments, then a table in the shape of a kidney, horseshoe, or rectangle is best.

Pick Your Table Shape

School Outlet offers 12 different shapes of activity tables, including:




Half Round






Scalloped Horseshoe

Square Trapezoid

Students can interact and engage with one another at rectangle, circle, flower, square, and many other different shapes of activity tables.

No matter what the purpose, you can find the perfect shape, size, and color of activity tables on School Outlets virtual school furniture store.

Choose Your Table

After you choose the shape you want for your table, you can easily peruse all of the options of activity tables School Outlet offers in that particular shape. Choose from a variety of table styles and colors. Some of our tables have adjustable legs and come in various dimensions. A few of our tables come in an assortment of colors or laminate top styles.

Order The Table You Want

The shape you choose for your classrooms activity tables depends fully on the activities you plan on completing. If activities in your classroom are collaborative and consist of large groups, then a rectangle or round activity table is probably the choice for you. If a teacher needs to demonstrate activities frequently, then a horseshoe activity table is most likely the best option.

When you decide which tables you want to buy, then you can choose whatever customizations you want that are available for the table. School Outlet provides our customers with detailed descriptions of the school furniture we supply. Our customers know what to expect from our products before the products are shipped in the mail. Also, School Outlets customer service is Grade A. This means your questions and concerns are answered immediately and in-depth. We know how important it is for schools to watch their budgets. Thats why we do everything we can to give our customers the best possible prices.

Contact School Outlet With Questions

Visit School Outlets website to learn more about our company and all of the school furniture pieces we supply. Call us at 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form if you have questions for our team.