Equipping the Classroom for Success

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Equipping the Classroom for Success

The new school year has begun, but there is still time to think about the equipment that can take your classroom to the next level. There are many things to consider when shopping for your room, including budget and the age of the students you will be working with.

Organization comes First

Prior to purchasing items for the students to enjoy, it may be wise to purchase an organizational system or two to store the objects in. For instance, a small bookshelf can be a useful place to store not only the books for the children to read, but also small toys or art supplies for them to have easy access to.

Consider the Unique Needs of the Students

Keeping the needs of your current and future students in mind is important while you shop. For instance, when looking for games and activities to bring into the classroom, consider not only the age of students, but their ability levels. If you are going to be teaching students with special needs, focus on finding objects that are tactile and easy for them to grasp and understand. Making lessons like learning how to tell time into a game may make them easier for your students to understand.

What Kind of Space Do you Have to Work with?

Along with needs, keep the size of the classroom in mind, as well as the number of students on your roster. While, ideally, every student would have their own individual items, there are some things you may want to purchase for group use. Communal items that can be put to use in a variety of ways are colorful mats and comfortable seating. These objects can be used to both stimulate your students and help them relax as you read a book to them.

Tables and Chairs

As you work on equipping your classroom, some of the most important pieces you may want to consider buying are tables for your students to work at. If you are working with younger children, you may want to consider purchasing preschool tables. The furniture can be configured in any format that you need whether it is for group or individual projects. Preschool tables are a good investment for younger students, as kids of that size will often have trouble reaching normal tables.

Equipping a classroom for success can take time. As you look for items, contact other teaching friends to see if they have any ideas that may help you. Good luck and have a great school year!