How To Find The Right Whiteboard For Your Classroom Online

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How To Find The Right Whiteboard For Your Classroom OnlineFinding the right whiteboard for your classroom can be a crucial step in determining whether the rest of your year, and in fact, use of the room in general, is a convenience or a burden. Thats a good reason to go to an experienced and competent supplier of schoolroom materials.

Here at School Outlet, we offer a wide range of white boards and glass boards. We can accommodate your needs of space, or technical complexity.

When it comes to answering the question of how to choose a board, the best thing you can do for yourself is know the range of options available to you. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the flexibility of School Outlet when it comes to meeting your needs.

Gaze into the Future with a Glass Board from School Outlet

You wont be able to beat this glass board when it comes to a quality, stylish presentation. Its frameless appearance makes for a sharp, dynamic and attention grabbing display. Its constructed with durable tempered glass finished with a smooth, glossy white surface. This surface is easy to clean, and wont leave any ghosting or staining.

The glass surface works with rare earth magnets in order to maximize versatility. The simple, modern design allows edge-mounting hardware. You can add an aluminum accessory tray, magnets, markers and erasers for an additional cost. These Balts Visionary Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards are Greenguard Gold certified and backed up by a 50-year warranty.

Offer Clean And Clear Presentations With The Basic White Board

The Luxor WB3624W wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard is a convenient, painted steel magnetic surface. Any presenter can easily post materials with magnets, while still having plenty of room to write. This whiteboard has a sturdy aluminum frame and comes with mounting brackets and hardware. This is an excellent choice for installing into drywall or other surfaces.

Increase Your Surface Area With A Sliding White Board

Save wall space and maximize your functional board surface by using the Horizontal Sliding Boards. These customizable boards feature panels built out of lightweight core materials that slide smoothly on a system of precisely aligned tracks. You can choose between two, three or four track systems.

This board is available with porcelain, steel, markerboard or chalkboard, or any tackable surface. It is framed with heavy gauge anodized aluminum tubing. The map rail and accessory tray are included.

Integrate Mediums With This Projection Board

Sometimes the best way to communicate to a classroom is to integrate mediums. The Projection Plus Board is the only marker board that doubles as a projection surface. The light gray porcelain steel surface cuts down on glare by 60% over standard whiteboard surfaces. You must clean this board with a damp cloth for optimum use, though some ghosting may occur.

Save Money By Choosing The Replacement Roll

Replace your old boards on a tight budget by choosing the Best-Rite's Markerboard Replacement Roll. Cut this adaptable material to any size you need. All you have to do is press the self-adhesive backing against the board surface, squeegee the bubbles out, and trim it to size. The material will not interfere with the magnetic properties of the board underneath it.

Contact School Outlet For More Information

The boards above are only a few of the options offered at School Outlet. Call School Outlet to learn more about white, glass and other classroom boards of all sizes and styles at 1-877-398-6449. Visit our website here for more information.