Lightweight Stackable Chairs for School Events

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Holding school events calls for utilizing convenient solutions for maximizing space and comfort. Whether events are being held in the school auditorium, lecture hall, or a classroom, having the right seating is essential for making any event a success.

For one, chairs should be lightweight so they can be moved around and situated with ease. They should also offer enough support for event attendees to sit comfortably, whether the event will last one hour or three.

At School Outlet, our diverse range of quality chairs are designed to suit just about any preference and budget. Our lightweight, stackable chairs are especially practical for hosting school functions. Theyre easy to set side-by-side and/or straight in a row, and theyre durable enough to be used time and time again.

Varied Options for Every Setting

No matter what design scheme empowers your school, at School Outlet, theres a chair for just about every kind of venue, both indoors and outdoors. Our quality stack chairs range from plastic to fabric upholstered versions to offer the desired appeal.

  • Fabric-Upholstered Stack Chairs

Our fabric-upholstered variety is attractively crafted with sturdy frames and smooth finishes with ample cushioning to support any silhouette. Weve partnered with several of the most well known brands in the industry to have a diverse assortment available to our customers. Some of the fabric upholstered stack chairs we have include, but are not limited to:

  • National Public Seating 8600 Signature Fabric Padded Stack Chair
  • National Public Seating 9200 Dome Upholstered Padded Stack Chair
  • National Public Seating 9300 Silhouette Vinyl Padded Stack Chair
  • Virco 8926 Upholstered Stack Chair Trapezoidal Back Padded Dome Seat
  • Virco 8917 Upholstered Stack Chair Rounded Back Padded Dome Seat

In addition to stack chairs, School Outlet also carries equipment for easily storing and transporting the chairs. For example, the Virco HCT789 Chair Truck/Hand Truck for Universal Stack Chairs is a two-wheel stack chair truck that moves and stores a majority of Virco stack chairs. Its ideal to use on flat, level and ramp surfaces. The Safco Two-Tier Chair Cart (SAF-4199) is also great for easily stacking and storing chairs while simultaneously saving room space.

  • Plastic Seat and Back Stack Chairs

The top advantage of these plastic stackable chairs is the fact that they can be stacked up in a large number of units. This allows for making enough space to clean a room before and after any event, in addition to serving other purposes. The chairs themselves can also be cleaned easily.

The School Outlet High Density Stack Chair (SO-HISTAK-ASAP) is a great example of what a multipurpose room chair should look like. This chair in particular, has a wide seat plan and an ergonomically curved back. It can be set on hard or carpeted floors thanks to its lightweight sled-based frame, which wont scratch the floor.

From plastic stack chairs with vented backs to ones boasting steel cross bracing for extra support, at School Outlet, youll find the highest performing plastic stack chairs in the market. Choose from different colors, designs and brands including School Outlet, Virco, Safco, and National Public Seating, all of which offer optimal flexibility and posture support.

Prepare for School Events with School Outlet

For more information about our large selection of stack chairs, call School Outlet today. Well be happy to go over our different models and answer any questions you might have.