Long Life Preschool Classroom Furniture

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A childs preschool years have a critical impact on shaping his or her development. Thats why having the right furniture pieces available is extra important to ensure a healthy environment to learn and play in. Children learn how to interact with other classmates, which ultimately influences their social capabilities.
At School Outlet, youll find various preschool furniture alternatives that can suit rooms of different sizes. Weve partnered with some of the most renowned brands in the industry to ensure a selection thats not only affordable, but also highly durable.

Unrivaled Quality

No matter what type of preschool furniture youre looking for or how many products youre interested in ordering, School Outlet can cater to your preferences.

> Seating

We have everything from chairs with ball glides for easy movement to stackable school chairs with sturdy chrome legs. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match a rooms design scheme. Select from wood to plastic options, as well. In addition to being composed of robust materials, these chairs simplify making enough space in a room, and they can be grouped together to encourage team activities.

> Tables

If youre looking for well-built activity tables, School Outlet is the place to find them. These tables are all built with the safety of children in mind. For example, the Rectangle School Activity Table (SO-482448LO-ASAP) School Outlet features rounded tables edges protected with T-mold banding to keep children secure. Whether you opt for a round, oval or rectangular alternative, all tables are easy to clean, too.

> Rest Mats and Carpets

No preschool classroom is complete without rest mats and carpets for play or nap time. Some of our rugs and carpets feature colorful alphabet letters that are practical for enhancing a childs learning experience, too. Flagship carpets meet Class One Fire Ratings and even feature a force 5 Stain Shield to protect against stains.

> Shelving and Storage Pieces

In addition to carpeting basics that are comfortable for children to lie down and play on, School Outlet has several shelving and storage options available. Take your pick from fold-and-lock storage cabinets to standard units or cubbies and trays, among numerous others. These storage pieces are excellent for keeping childrens belongings organized, as well as classroom reading materials and toys organized.

> Play Essentials

At School Outlet, durability also comes standard on all of the activity and play equipment for preschools. From workbenches to preschool gym equipment and even fun ball play gear, these play necessities are not only great for playtime, but theyll also light up any room with the eclectic color choices. You can choose more subtle hues, too. Each piece is crafted in a way that will ensure long-term use, whether its in the form of a protective laminate cover or strong production materials.

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