Preschool Activity Tables: Four Most Popular Features

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Preschool activity tables encourage creativity, and collaboration among students.

Having the right furniture in a classroom goes a long way. Because 85% of our brains develop before the age of five, research has shown that children who are exposed to cognitively stimulating activities at an early age are more likely to have higher IQs and perform better in school later in life! School Outlet offers the tools for successful learning for our ergonomic tables are great for collaborative learning environments.

Ideal for the early childhood classroom, the vibrant Primary Collection line of Virco's 4000 Series Activity Tables will deliver every time. Our classroom tables cater to your student's specific needs. School Outlet lets you choose from a wide band of colors to bring the right mood to the right class. Match to other colored chairs to create a bright and vibrant classroom environment. Furthermore, we also offer various shapes to fit your every need, including rectangles, circles, and more.


Round Activity Table

Preschool Activity Tables: Four Most Popular Features
d a four-seater round table? The Virco 4848R is your most ideal choice. In the class or during a training session, this unique seat gives four students seated bridge style ample space to finish any special project or assignment.


Clover Activity Table

Clover Activity Table

This unique clover-shaped, customized low work surface will give students ample desk space for the easy learning of ABC's, 1-2-3's, and Finger Painting 101. Additional, students can easily collaborate with one another if the learning scenario calls for it. Dont delay a fun and messy finger painting session, round up your students by groups of four and get into it.



Horseshoe Activity Table

Horseshoe Activity Table

This U-shaped table is perfect for small to mid-size group sessions. The Horseshoe table provides an area for the instructor to easily access students as they work. In doing so, students can complete assignments and projects much faster and enjoy their cherished leisure time.



Flower Activity Table

We got big classrooms covered as well. Ideal for big groups and interactive learning, this flower shaped-table will brighten up any classroom and encourage students to work together on a given assignment. Additionally, we offer a wide range of tabletop and edge banding colors to spice things up in the classroom and keep students' mood elated.

The Activity Table Your Students Deserve

Regardless of your situation, our classroom tables cater to your student's specific needs. Our activity tables for kids and toddlers are made from a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, and plastic.

Aside from activity tables for kids and toddlers, we offer a variety of student desks , designed to fit both your students and your budget. Ergonomics is important in the classroom, which is why we offer only top-quality brands to keep you and your students comfortable during long school days. We also offer shapes to fit your every need, including rectangles, circles, and more. Be sure to check out our selection of classroom chairs to go with your activity tables.

If you are unsure of which activity tables to buy, then please call us toll free at (855) 672-3858 where our friendly staff can help you find activity tables that suits your budget and needs.