School Activity Tables: 3 Questions To Always Ask Your Distributor

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School Activity Tables: 3 Questions To Always Ask Your DistributorAsking the right questions for before buying wholesale furniture is a great way to avoid wasting money, winding up with unusable goods, or discovering you need to replace furniture you just bought. As a premier wholesale distributor for all desks, tables, chairs, and equipment for academic institutions, School Outlet knows the ins and outs of the academic furniture industry. We have years of experience outfitting innumerable schools of all levels with their needs, we have compiled a list of questions we believe can help education professionals get the equipment they need at a fair and affordable cost.

Question No. 1: Do You Offer Wholesale Options?

This question is particularly important for college administrators to ask. For a university, you could be furnishing hundreds of rooms with activity tables from wood shops to chemistry labs. Essentially, this limits your options down to suppliers who can provide consistent quality regardless of volume. You need each activity table to hit a price point that balances cost and quality. Contact School Outlet not just for wholesale activity tables, but also deskschairs, whiteboards, and anything else you may need in your place of education.

Question No. 2: How Long Will This Activity Table Last?

Developing a projected budget for classroom furniture is a crucial part of developing an accurate expectation for how much you should spend. Its highly unlikely that you have been working in the education field for any length of time without seeing the type of damage that can happen to an activity table. Your maintenance crew probably finds ink pen, marker, crayon and other defacements scratched into the surface of these items. The furniture needs to be moved, or taken outside for group activities or storage which can also place a certain amount of stress on it. With School Outlet, you can rest assured you are getting quality, long-lasting activity tables.

Question No. 3: Describe the Maintenance Required for These Activity Tables

How will the surface respond to the markers, paints and charcoals in the art department? What about the acids and other chemicals in the science labs? What about ordinary vandalism? Will a quick rubdown with Lysol do the trick, or will these tables often suffer a broken leg or badly warped surface? These are equally important questions to ask if you are buying activity tables for a preschool. All of this goes towards developing an accurate sense of which tables to buy, and when it is reasonable to plan for replacement.

Contact School Outlet with Any Questions About School Activity Tables

If you have any questions about activity tables for any grade from preschool, elementary school, high school or college, School Outlet can provide you with quality wholesale options. Contact us by calling (877) 398-6449 or visiting our website to see prices, styles and availability of various school activity tables. We look forward to learning all about your school, and what we can do to meet your needs.