School Furniture Starts with Tables

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School Furniture Starts with Tables

When considering school furniture, tables are usually at the top of the priority list. Schools need sturdy, dependable tables that are manufactured with durability in mind, but which are also adaptable and possess visual appeal.

Our line of school tables features all the necessary qualities to make them reliable and functional, as well as attractive. The activity tables feature a rugged particle board core topped with an easy-to-clean melamine surface designed for easy care and longevity, so that it will provide many years of use.

We have an exciting line of adjustable tables that will efficiently accommodate youngsters from the smallest preschool ages to older high school and college students. These tables are appropriate for diverse activities, and they come in rectangular and round shapes to accommodate them. For convenience, the legs can be lengthened or shortened by an easy adjustment system; extend the legs on one table for older or taller students, and shorten them on another table for the younger or smaller ones.

At School Outlet, we feature tables and desks for all types of functions and classroom activities. We have tables that are perfect for group projects in school labs, libraries and study halls, and we also provide school desks for individual applications, like computer use and homework. Not just for made for the classroom, our tables and desks are also ideal for public library, home, and dorm use, as well.

Our professionally crafted line of school furniture also features tables for lunch and break rooms. With a convenient design for quick and easy storage, our tables fold up in the middle so that they take up less space when put away and are easier to transport.

Easy to set up, clean and store, our tables make the perfect addition to your school, corporate functions or company break room. With so much adaptability, there's virtually no school, business, or organization that could not use our tables.