Stackable Cribs For Daycare Facilities: 3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

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If you run a daycare facility, then you know that space is always at a premium. Babies and small children in your care will need their nap times, so you will obviously need a series of cribs. However, not all facilities have the space for a dedicated crib room.

If this describes your facility, then there is an easy solution to your space saving issues stackable cribs. Such cribs can be stacked - one on top of the other - and can be moved out of the way when not in use. They are a great space saver as they offer two cribs, but have the same footprint as one.

When it comes to stackable cribs for daycare facilities, there are three things you need to know before buying.

How Do the Stackable Cribs Look?

Cribs come with bars and stackable cribs that are designed to be functional rather than good-looking make it look as if youre putting babies into cages! Parents are not going to like that, so its important that functionality is met with design a crib should never look like a cage.

Do They Come With Slideable Rails or Drop Gates?

As cribs are designed to keep babies and small children safe, they have high sides. Children quickly learn how to scales the sides of cribs and make their escape! High sides are a must, but this can create access issues when you are placing a baby into the crib. A sliding side rail or drop gate will make your life as a childcare provider much easier.

Are you Located in an Area That Allows Modular Cribs?

Some local or state licensing areas do not allow modular cribs, or only modular cribs that meet very strict standards. Before making a purchase of a series of modular cribs make sure that you live in the correct jurisdiction, or that any modular crib you purchase meets any regulated standards in your area.

The L.A. Baby Stackable Modular Window Crib that we can provide for you here at School Outlet will give you a tick in the box for all three above considerations. The crib model 755 passes all federal requirements and looks great too!

As an added feature, this crib has a low-profile design that allows for essential access to the baby or child that is placed within the crib, and has fixed side rails for extra safety. A fire-retardant mattress is included, while storage covers, sheets, replacement mattresses and additional accessories are all available. A 5 deep drawer that can be used for storage is also available if necessary. This crib comes complete with assembly and usage instructions in both English and Spanish.

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