Top 3 Computer and Office Chairs For Ultimate Comfort

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The most common job in the world today now involves sitting in a chair at a computer millions of us do that very thing every single day, and for eight hours or more. Comfort is absolutely essential because if you sit in a poorly designed computer or office chair, youre likely to develop back and neck pain.
When youre researching which computer or office chair to buy, there are five main aspects that you need to take into consideration:

Decent lumbar (i.e. back and spine) support
Seat depth adjustmen
Float tilt mechanism
Adjustable armrests
Different size options
With those attributes in mind, here are the top 3 computer and office chairs for ultimate comfort that we can provide for you here at School Outlet.

OFM 507-LX Synthetic Leather Chair

At the top end of our range we find the OFM 507-LX Synthetic Leather Chair. This chair features a high back for extra comfort, and is upholstered with durable synthetic leather fabric. It's a smart solution for all your office needs looking great without compromising on comfort.
The chair comes with easy-to-use controls for adjusting the height of the chair, and has tilt tension control and a 360 degree swivel, making it extremely versatile. The fixed loop arms have been added to help with upper body support, and mobility is provided by reliable and durable casters mounted at five points.

Virco PhD

While not having all the modern conveniences of the 507-LX, the Virco PhD is a great little chair at the more cost-effective end of the market. It has a low back with slats that provides excellent lumbar support, and arm rests for extra support that are key when using a computer or laptop for an extended period of time.
The seat is cushioned for extra comfort, and all important aspects of the chair are fully adjustable using the mechanism that is conveniently positioned under the seat. Mobility is taken care of by five casters mounted under the chair using traditional five-point distribution.

OFM ESS-3086 Essentials

OFM 507-LX Synthetic Leather Chair
Now we are talking! If your company prides itself on having a contemporary rather than traditional feel, then you'll want your office furniture to match that attitude. The OFM ESS-3086 has been designed in an ergonomic, race-car style, complete with contoured padding. It also features a high back with integrated headrest for essential lumbar support.
Uniquely, this chair comes with flip-up armrests that can be placed completely out of the way if circumstances require so. This really is the perfect companion to your workstation, be it at home or throughout your offices. The design has been proven to match or exceed all industry standards for durability and safety, and comes complete backed with a three-year limited warranty.
To learn more about any of our three recommendations when it comes to computer and office chairs for ultimate comfort, simply pick up the phone and dial (877) 398-6449. As an alternative, you can contact School Outlet using out online contact form and well respond as soon as were able.