Why You Need Lab Tables for Your Science Classroom

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When you think back to the days of elementary, middle, or high school, surely some of your most standout classroom memories took place in science classrooms. Regardless of whether the memories you have of various science classes are good or bad, they are still memorable: dissecting small- to medium-sized (large if youre lucky) creatures, watching a mad scientist/nutty professor teacher explode chemicals on purpose, and learning how the world, and all that resides in it, works science classrooms are incomparable to any other type of classroom.

Theres something else thats usually unique about science classrooms: the furniture.

With the continuous possibility of hazardous chemicals, fire, and other substances being used in the vicinity, science classrooms must be equipped with furniture and workspaces that can survive contact with potentially harmful chemicals and various temperatures while maintaining a safe workplace for students.

Tables for Science Classrooms Must Resist Corrosion

School Outlet, a supplier of high quality lab tables made from Americas top school furniture manufacturers, carries a variety of tables made special for science classrooms. For example, School Outlets selection of lab tables includes numerous workstations made by Diversified Woodcrafts, which have chemical-resistant and low temperature strength countertops (and sinks, if applicable).

Diversified Woodcrafts also manufactures science tables with and without book departments. These tables are great because students can sit at them to take notes during lectures and also use them for various experiments. The tables are resistant to most chemicals and feature adjustable glides, which come in handy when students need to accurately measure substances and the table needs to be kept level.

School Outlet supplies Diversified Woodcrafts science tables in a variety of sizes and styles. The tops of the tables can be made from ChemArmor, Epoxy Resin, high-pressure laminate, phenolic resin, or plastic.

Adjustable Science Tables are Useful

For schools that need science tables compliant with ADA regulations, School Outlet offers ADA workstations made by Diversified Woodcrafts. These tables are chemical resistant, adjustable, and corrosion resistant. They can be adjusted for a wheelchair to fit under the table.

School Outlet supplies adjustable science lab tables manufactured by National Public Seating, one of Americas top furniture manufacturers. These tables can be between 29 and 41 inches high. The legs do not have to be the same height either. For example, to make an incline for a physics experiment the table legs can be different heights.

Order Lab Tables For Your Classroom From School Outlet

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