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Tips for Homeschool Organization and Storage

As students, teachers, and parents transition from a school setting to a homeschool environment, at School Outlet, we want to help you during this transition by providing you with furniture for your children’s homeschool room and by giving you tips on keeping it organized.

In order for your student to feel comfortable studying at home, we advise setting up a study space with a desk. At School Outlet, the desks we have on our site are the same ones found in almost every school across the USA. You could help your child transition into their new learning environment by getting the same classroom furniture they had in school.

1- Pick a Desk With Compartments Homeschool Desk

In order to optimize the space of your homeschool area, we recommend picking a desk with a lot of storage space. The Virco Jr. Executive Desk comes with an embedded bookshelf. This bookshelf can store your child’s textbooks, notebooks, and books while keeping them in an accessible location as they study. The bookshelf not only will help students keep their space tidy, but can also help with studying as a clean space can help with focus and clearing the mind.

Another desk we often recommend is the Virco Student Desk with Lift Lid and Metal Book Box. Its concealed metal box will store your child’s school supplies in an orderly fashion. You can easily lift the lid to retrieve the supplies you need and close it to work on its surface. This desk is great for those who want a smaller desk to make the most out of your space.

2- Get A Bookcase For Storage

A bookcase or a storage unit is essential in order to keep your study space organized. The Jonti-Craft Baltic Birch Super-Sized Mobile Storage Unit is a great option if you have children in elementary school. Your kids can store their toys, school supplies, and art supplies after studying, playing, and drawing. If you have children in middle school or high school you can use this storage unit as a bookcase, it will make your homeschool space look tidy and well-kept. Homeschool Bookcase

Homeschool storage is important especially if your home school room doubles up as a playroom. By having a place to store away your homeschool supplies you allow the room to transform and adapt as your child pleases.

We also recommend the Jonti-Craft Supply Cabinet to keep your children’s art supplies organized. This supply cabinet has wheels which is convenient if you would like to move it around the house or if you want to clean the floor beneath it.

If you have multiple children the Jonti-craft Paper Rack is a great filing system to separate homework, lesson plans, and assignments organized. It has 14 shelves that homeschool moms love because you can color-code each self by school subject or student and know where everything is.

Organizing The HomeSchool Room With School Outlet

At School Outlet, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools for knowledge and success to take place. We want to support you and your family during this transition and wish you a happy homeschooling! If you have any questions, comments or would like more organizing tips, contact us and our team of experts will assist you.