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3 Cool Homeschool Design & Decor Ideas

At School Outlet, we want to make sure you and your children have a smooth transition from learning at school to learning at home. Creating a learning environment in your home is important in order to guarantee your child feels comfortable and can easily adapt during these uncertain times. Creating a homeschool space is made possible with our versatile classroom furniture. Discover our homeschool room ideas below so you can create a learning space in your home!

1- Designate A Learning Space In The Home Homeschool Large Desk

Assigning a space for homeschooling is as essential as the furniture you choose. For example, we don’t recommend you make the kitchen dining room table a homeschool space since your children can later associate this space with stress rather than nourishment. Choose a room in the house that is not often used and transform it into a learning space with School Outlet’s Virco Jr. Executive Desk.

The Virco Jr. Executive Desk has a wide surface space so students can spread out their textbooks, notebooks, and laptop all at once. This desk is highly adaptable and can be placed in the family room, home office, living room or bedroom. The desk comes with storage space so that students can store their school & craft supplies and have them accessible during homeschool hours.

2- Pick Out A Desk

Let your kids pick out the desk. By allowing your children to pick out a desk they like, they might become more motivated to learn from home. This can also help them gain a sense of control since these times can make people feel they might not have that much control over their lives. We have a wide variety of desk options available that they can choose from. Once you have picked out the desk go over potential desk spaces in their room where you can place it.

Homeschool Magnetic Whiteboard

To maximize space you can put the edge of the desk at a corner. Or if your place allows it, you can place the desk next to a window so that your children can have natural light as they study.

2- Get A Whiteboard Or A Chalkboard

Help your children with their assignments by adding a whiteboard in their school room. We recommend the Luxor Magnetic Whiteboard you can mount it to the wall to make the most out of your learning space. Whiteboards are excellent learning tools, especially for those students who are visual learners. If you prefer chalkboards, we recommend the Best-Rite Porcelain Chalkboard. You can use it for solving math problems, spelling, or even drawing when its free time.

Homeschool Furniture at School Outlet

Whether your homeschooling an elementary school student or a high school student, at School Outlet we’ve got desks, chairs, and classroom furniture to accommodate any age range! If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us and our team of experts will assist you.