The Highest Rated Elementary Tables of 2022

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As some distance education classrooms transitioned toward in-seat learning, they were forced to adapt to changing market conditions. Accessibility, as well as STEM compatibility, were significant issues in 2022. Furniture manufacturers soon followed and put together some excellent pieces for even their youngest clientele.

We asked the experts here at School Outlet to tell us more about their experiences with customers rating the top elementary tables of the past year. They provided their insights.

Best Education Market Tables From 2022

Customer feedback has been solid with the following tables, so the chances are good that they could work well in your classroom.

AmTab Markerboard Activity Table

Usually, its a bad thing when students draw or write on a table. AmTab has made it into a net positive by covering the entire top of this 4248-inch activity table with markerboard material to make it more conducive to collaboration. Students can work directly on the included markerboard and then wipe it off with an eraser, just as if it were any other dry-erase system. That makes this an excellent option for mathematics classes that require a great deal of reckoning before someone finally gets to a clear answer.

Virco 60-inch Flower Top Table

While this table may look like nothing else currently sitting in your classroom, that should help illustrate why its popular. Theyre designed to group students and class materials into unique arrangements that wouldnt be possible with a conventional table. Those who want to encourage collaboration without separating students into forced group settings will certainly appreciate Vircos offering.

National Public Seating Tables Without Compartments

Though National Public Seating made a name for itself by including a book compartment on many of its tables, these are often seen as excessive in classrooms that have switched to using electronic books almost exclusively. These tables include all of the features that the original models did, but they ship without any of the accouterments that tend to get in the way.

ADA Compliant Mobile Lab Tables

By combining accessibility features with high clearance levels, these tables are comfortable and meet many of the guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies. They come with a GFI-protected duplex AC electrical plug and a 25-foot extension cord that should give you more than enough room to connect all your science class gadgets. Media rooms and other high-tech settings will undoubtedly play a comfortable host to these tables, which means their appeal has extended far beyond the expected initially market.

Woodcrafts Adjustable Height Art Table

Though science and technology classes might have received most of the emphasis in the last year, this has become one of the most sought-after designs for those that teach the liberal arts. Instructors can raise and lower the table when needed and even become an inclined surface. STEM teachers might even consider it to be a good surface for drafting.

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