AmTab School Furniture

AmTab, a furniture mainstay since 1958, focuses on delivering high-quality school tables, ramps, carts and risers to the world. Each piece of furniture prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Developers pay careful attention to changing student needs and apply new engineering techniques to craft revolutionary furniture that focuses on structure and comfort. Whats more, AmTab also has implemented accommodation into their furniture, for people with disabilities.

In addition to being first-class with quality, the company ships internationally to every continent, and will give convenience. AmTab always wants to serve new customers, and provide practical furniture for classrooms. For that reason, we are happy to assist their mission in reaching preschools, teachers, and administrators.

Our AmTab Recommendations

At School Outlet, we provide high-quality products at affordable products. We distribute AmTab products because we know that the brand will last for years in your school and accommodate students. Our experts are happy to provide more information on the products below, especially when you have rambunctious toddlers.

For your choir and music rooms, we recommend the Portable Stages and Risers. Each comes with a fifteen-year warranty, enough to cover a students primary or secondary school career. Kids love to perform, and you want to make sure they are safe on opening night or dress rehearsal. Stages allow them to feel like real actors. Risers remind kids to stay on their best behavior and not lose their balance.

The Adjustable Height Carpet Top Stage will provide ample space for acting and dancing. The legs lock in place but also will fold up after use, balancing safety and storage convenience. Keep kids dancing, while also making sure they wont fall. Choose from seven carpet colors and six metal finishes to match the rest of your musical furniture.

The Pie-Shaped Riser Carpet Top looks elegant and will keep students comfortable as they stand, dance, sing, or sit. Cluster the risers together to form a semi-circle and encourage group activities. Or have them sit for when you want them to see videos of the plays theyre performing Set the pie-shaped risers up in any space for putting on a show.

To make sure your school accommodates students who have physical disabilities, incorporate the AmTab Wheelchair Accessible Feeder Activity Tables into your classrooms. A horseshoe shape provides plenty of room for wheelchairs and walkers, as well as more comfortable seating for kids that may sustain chronic pain. Each table comes in light and dark brown wooden finishes, with sturdy metal legs.

Do you have artists in your pre-K or kindergarten classes? Amtabs Whiteboard Markerboard Tables can help. Make drawing time easy to clean-up, and allow kids to experiment with decorating their sitting spaces. Choose from thirteen shapes, including standard round and square, or creative options like clover and hexagonal.

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At School Outlet, we can help you find the right AmTab furniture for your school. We focus on serving administrators and teachers to provide comfort to students.

Reach out to us today to outfit your classrooms before the school year starts. We look forward to working with you.