Oklahoma Sound AV Equipment and Lecterns

Oklahoma Sound has a large amount of audio-visual equipment suited for the classroom and auditorium. You wont have to worry about finding the right cable when showing off a documentary. We have you covered with any lecterns that you need or technology for learning.

Audio Visual Equipment

In school, having good audio-visual equipment can help kids understand the material better. We are not simply talking about watching videos on the life cycles of plants -- although those videos are great and should be a must-watch in science classes. You can enhance daily learning by using modern technology in sync with curriculum expectations.

Dont forget that you will need the appropriate equipment so that students can follow lectures and take down notes. Have a board where you can display notes or write them down and a means of showing visual presentations.

Especially with lecterns, you want to encourage kids to learn how to speak up for themselves. Too often, in the real world kids are dismissed due to their age and lack of experience. This means that students are less likely to learn the skills they need to communicate.

Consider kids who have given TED talks on serious issues, or raise money for charities. We are proud of them and want others to emulate the habit. Having the right lectern and a teachers guidance can improve public speaking skills. We know kids are remarkable, and they know that as well.

About Oklahoma Sound

Oklahoma Sound is a proud brand of audio-visual equipment. National Public Seating currently owns the brand and will provide warranties on select products. This company lives by the slogan Superior Strength, Quality and Value. They are also concerned about making their products as eco-friendly as possible.

So why buy AV equipment from the NPS product line? Because its not only eco-friendly but also is concerned with quality. They have to meet established customer expectations for well-crafted, innovative and long-lasting furniture.

Our Recommendations

Do you want a lectern that commands presence, making any speaker feel important and appreciated? Our most popular one is the Oklahoma Sound Prestige Powered Floor Lectern. Available in four shades of brown, and with built-in microphones and speakers, your teachers and students will command presence. Use the wireless option for when you want to speak past the lectern.

How about when you need a good cart to hold a laptop for PowerPoint presentations? Try out the Premium Plus Presentation Cart with Storage Cabinet. This steel cart comes with three shelves and a lock, for hiding away valuable equipment. Make adjustments to the height as you need.

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School Outlet is proud to sell AV equipment to bolster education in your classroom. Our customer service reps and experts will be happy to assist you in finding out what lecterns, podiums, and laptop stands you will need for the new year.

Reach out to us today. Lets outfit your classroom in time for the new school year. The future is right here, and we need to prepare for it.