Stage and Riser Accessories

Auditoriums or amphitheaters with stages are important sections of a school campus; although these spaces are often associated with performances, you can actually hold meetings, presentations, conferences, and even classes from right from stages thanks to the seating arrangement.

If your school or organization center has a rudimentary stage, you can spiff it up with the right combination of accessories. At School Outlet, our catalog includes stage accessories that are both decorative and functional.

Types of Stage and Riser Accessories

Full theatrical stages have the benefit of a backstage area located somewhere behind the back curtain or backdrop; this is a service area where accessories such as stage dollies and riser caddies tend to be more useful. Simple auditoriums may not have a backstage or even a raised platform because they are used for more than theatrical performances; this is where risers are more common, but they need skirting in order to complement the installation.

Skirting for Risers

Some clients of School Outlet are able to transform school gyms and community centers into improvised theaters and concert halls with stage risers and lighting. This is an effective solution, but only when the structure of the riser can be hidden or dressed up. Instead of using sheets of plywood, our clients turn to stage skirting for a more refined and polished appearance.

Shirred Pleat Skirting

We offer two brands of shirred pleat designs for stage skirting; one is National Public Seating and the other is AmTab. You cannot go wrong with shirred pleats because they have been used in theater stages for centuries. The stage skirting materials we offer are made with durable polyester blends that have been given a Scotch Guard treatment.

Box Pleat Skirting

Modern theater managers tend to prefer box pleat designs when they shop for stage skirting. This look is not as fancy as shirred pleating, but it gives a more contemporary appearance. Our box pleated skirting is made by National Public seating.

Storage and Transport Caddies

Whether you have a backstage area or need to install and take down risers from time to time, your operations will be made easier with portable stage dollies and caddies on wheels. With these helpers, you will be able to transport not only riser structures but also instruments and wardrobe for quick changes between scenes or acts.

Portable Stage Dolly

This heavy-duty wheeled carrier will probably last longer than your stage. When you have larger and heavier stage platforms to move around, you will be glad to have this accessory made by National Public Seating.

Stage and Riser Caddies by AmTab

AmTab manufactures three types of riser caddies, each with its own set of dynamics. For the larger risers, you will need the AmTab heavy-duty stage cart, which is actively used by concert management organizations.

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