Virco Pre-School Height Activity Tables

Preschool Classroom Tables

Our classroom preschool activity tables cater to your students specific needs. We offer various activity tables of all different shapes and sizes, ranging from preschool to toddler activity tables and even horseshoe-shaped activity tables. Other options are perfect for adults at meetings, schools, and more.

Material can affect your budget and furniture longevity. Our tables are made from various materials, from wood to steel to plastic. Have you considered if you need stainless steel or laminated plastic?

Other Desks And Toddler Tables

Aside from activity tables, we offer a variety of classroom desks designed to fit your students and your budget. Ergonomics is essential in the classroom to ensure kids and teachers remain comfortable while sitting. Ideal chairs will benefit healthy posture and managing energy.

Therefore, we offer only top-quality brands to keep you and your students comfortable during long school days. We also provide a variety of shapes to fit your every need, ranging from rectangles to circles. Be sure to check out our selection of classroom chairs to go with your preschool tables. Group these preschool activity tables, or separate them for optimized logistics.

Round, Rectangular, Horseshoe, And Kidney Shaped Activity Tables

Depending on the shape of the table that you choose for your preschool classrooms, you can engage your students and stimulate their young brains in various ways. Explore our different kids preschool activity tables and how their shapes affect students learning experiences.

Clover Activity Table with Heavy-Duty Laminate Top

The clover activity school table is shaped just like a four-leafed clover. You can sit up to four students in each concave table feature. Students will be sitting face to face with each other, encouraging a team identity and their relationship with one another. This way, students can help each other with assignments and work alone when they please.

Mahar Creative Colors Horseshoe Creative Colors Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top

The horseshoe shape allows teachers to conduct the class and focus on a particular group of students when visiting the center of the activity table. Three students can sit on the exterior of the horseshoe and leave the center unoccupied to allow the teacher to see the group as needed.

What other physical features make this preschool activity table appealing? This Mahar table is easy to assemble, and the height is adjustable in 1″ increments. The laminate top makes it easy to clean and wont allow moisture to settle, affecting the table itself negatively.

Rectangle Preschool Activity Table with Heavy Duty Medium Oak Top Preschool Height Adjustable Legs

The rectangle activity table is versatile and timeless. You can use it for grades throughout pre-k to high school due to the adjustable height. Utilize this activity table as a desk or to sit six preschool students for group activities.

Encourage team-building exercises and students to collaborate. Arrange multiple tables of the same model to create a larger table layout to conduct the class and refer to a large number of students at the same time. Explore our table and chair set here.

Round Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top Preschool Height Adjustable Legs

This round table can seat up to eight students at once. Make art projects convenient; each student will have a view and different perspective of the model, page, or sculpture, allowing for various ideas to come up and contribute to the greater whole. It is ideal for group projects where students must collaborate successfully to achieve the desired classroom objective.

The round table makes communication easy with other students because everyones face is nearby. Enforces team efforts and places students in a leadership position for those peers that need assistance in understanding the coursework and purpose of the activity.

Choose between eight colors to alter the edge banding. You can assign different tables to specific classroom teams according to color to organize and refer to a group of students at once for efficiency and maximized productivity.

Choose School Outlet For All Your Preschool Tables

School Outlet provides different brands, shapes, and furniture options to accommodate all your preschool classroom needs. Make your classroom a stimulating and welcoming environment for your students with our preschool activity tables.Please get in touch with us if you are unsure which classroom tables to buy for your students. Our friendly staff can help you find a student table that meets your budget and needs.