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Wall-Mounted Dry-Erase Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards play an important role in the classroom. Whiteboards allow you to draw graphs, charts, maps, diagrams, and other forms of visual stimulation so students can effectively absorb the material. Administration can install them easily between terms, for students and teachers alike. Organize any conference room, or enrich a class’s curriculum. View our selection of wall-mounted dry-erase glass whiteboards.

Using a glass option means that you have a durable whiteboard that is easy to install and will last for a long time. They also are less likely to retain ghosting or stains from dry-erase markers, unlike with traditional whiteboards.

Audio-Visual Enhancement

Many glass whiteboards have tempered glass, as opposed to regular sheets. Tempered glass can handle more pressure and last for a long time. For schools with a large student body, this durability is important.

At School Outlet, we provide you with high-quality classroom furniture and equipment so that your institution can have all the necessary tools for success. We have a wide variety of writing surfaces including magnetic glass whiteboards, black glass marker boards, and non-magnetic dry erase boards. Some have a frameless design for a cleaner aesthetic. Explore our whiteboards below to find the right one for your office, classroom, or institution.

Discover Innovative Glass Dry Erase Walls For Your Office

Browse our selection of easy-to-clean glass boards. They are designed for different classroom needs. Consider if you want a painted steel frame to go with your glass surfaces. In other cases, you may want to go frameless.

Mooreco Enlighten White, Non-Magnetic Glass Boards

The Mooreco Enlighten glass board series is highly versatile, adding sophistication to any classroom. It comes in an array of sizes ranging from our smallest 1’x 1’ to our largest 6’ x 4’.

Our small boards are especially convenient if you are a tutor because you can easily carry them around with you. Constructed with tempered glass this board will not stain and its bright white color will not diminish over time.

Visionary Magnetic Glossy White Glass Markerboard

This is a magnetic glass dry erase board. Magnetic means that you can attach your dry erase markers to it for increased accessibility as you write or you can attach it to the aluminum marker tray so that they don’t fall on the floor and get lost. Take advantage of the tempered glass surface when distributing lessons during the term or to-do lists. This markerboard is excellent for conference meetings, classrooms, info sessions, and all your writing needs.

Visionary Black Glass Magnetic Markerboard

This black markerboard is a great learning tool, you can write and draw on it to provide your students with a visual aid along with the lecture. The dark color is much more durable than regular whiteboards because when you erase, no ink will get absorbed into the material.

Shop Our Wide Selection Of Glass Dry Erase Boards At School Outlet

Glass dry erase boards contribute positively to learning processes and aid teachers and lecturers in easily communicating. They can also reduce supply budgets in the long run by enduring more wear and tear. At School Outlet, we believe instruments like these are an absolute must in any learning environment since they allow students to digest information quickly and effectively.
If you have any questions or comments, contact us, and our customer service representatives will assist you. Find out more about glass boards and other school classroom or office supplies before the semester starts. We are honored to be able to provide you with classroom furniture and other products in order for learning to take place.