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Top 4 Classroom Tables for Elementary SchoolsTop 4 Classroom Tables for Elementary Schools

Deciding on a classroom table within an elementary school can be stressful and costly. At School Outlet, we want to help narrow down the decision for you. Let us help you find tables that are both affordable and tables that meet the needs for your elementary school. Here are our top four classroom tables for elementary schools around the country.

The Fuerza Rectangular Activity Table

Rectangle shaped tables are a convenient way to fit a number of students around one table while also allowing an ample amount of space. The
Fuerza rectangular activity table comes in a number of different sizes to fit your needs. All of the tops are made of high quality, high-pressure laminate that make it durable, long lasting and very easy to clean. The best part about the Fuerza tables, in our opinion, are the adjustable legs. From Kindergarten to fifth grade, students grow a lot in elementary school and have varying heights. Finally, there is a table that can grow with them. This table can be set anywhere from 22” to 30” off the ground.

The Virco Circular Activity Table

Nothing screams out fun activities and collaborative work like a roundtable in an elementary school classroom. Typically seating four students at a time, the
Virco Circular Activity Table gives you more than enough space to finish a project. With four different laminate top colors, this table can blend in well with any classroom. The high-pressure laminate top helps to keep your table lasting for many years and the legs of the table are also adjustable to handle a variety of student ages.

The ECR4KIDS Horseshoe Activity Table

Made to group together a larger number of children while still creating comradery and teamwork, the horseshoe design of this
table is both modern and unique. This table features 1.125” thick tabletops that are made with laminate on both sides. The table leg heights can all be adjusted from ages two to grades 5 and up. Best of all, this fun and modern look comes in a variety of colors to match the classroom. Choose your elementary school’s colors or brighten up each classroom with this fun table design!

The Virco 6000 Series Folding Table

Many elementary schools are looking for more movable, versatile tables. The
Virco 6000 series folding table can easily fold and be transported to and from the next area or classroom. This durable table has a steel support apron and a Safe Edge technology to help keep little fingers and hands from getting scratches or cuts. Best of all, when these tables are not in use, the spring clip locks the table in a folded position for easy storage.

Turn to School Outlet for All Your Classroom Table Needs

No matter what type of classroom table you are looking for to enhance your elementary school, let School Outlet be your guide to an easy and affordable solution. Our wide variety of elementary school tables gives you many affordable options and our easy shipping process makes it simpler than ever to get your tables delivered right to your door. For more information about our top classroom tables for elementary schools, call our customer service center today at (877) 398-6449.

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Virco 603072 - 6000 series 3/4" thick particle board folding table 30" x 72"  (Virco 603072) Virco 603072 - 6000 series 3/4" thick particle board folding table 30" x 72"
(Virco 603072)

The Virco 6000 Series of Folding Tables features a 3/4" particleboard core with a fused-on melamine top in a wide selection of laminate finishes. This rectangular table has a wide variety of uses, all while delivering durability for your functions, time after time. The 603072 is a rectangular tradition, measuring in 30" x 72".

SchoolOutlet Price: $265.85
FZA-483048-ASAP  - Rectangular 30" x 60" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Top  (FZA-483048-ASAP) Rectangular Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top (30"W x 48"L x 22-30"H)

Does your school need the best furniture available in the industry? Then rely on the FZA 483048 activity table, with its sturdy legs, adjustable height, and solid core to offer you unmatchable quality.

SchoolOutlet Price: $205.85