Top Selling School Classroom Furniture of 2018

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Top Selling School Classroom Furniture of 2018If you're looking to buy classroom furniture this year, then you know you want the best of the best. You want top quality furnishing that looks good, safe, strong, and doesn't break the bank.

At School Outlet, we offer high quality furnishing for classrooms at unbeatable wholesale prices. We carry top of the line products from the most trusted and widely popular brands in America. Start the school year right in 2018 with these top selling school furniture:

1. Student Desk

Every student isn't built the same, that's why our popular student desks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functionalities. Our top selling Virco chair desks are simple and sturdy.

Virco School Chair Desk- Reliable, comfortable and reasonably priced, this chair desk has been a popular selection for classrooms for decades.

Additional Features:

1. Priced at just $99.85

2. Made with steel back support resistant to cracking and flexing

3. 10 year warranty

2. Table

From lab tables to preschool activity tables, whatever your need, we provide trendy tops for just about any setting.

1. National Public Seating Folding Tables - Great indoor or outdoor table for speaking engagements, cafeterias, ceremonies, arts craft table for children and teacher lounges. They're light enough to move around and can resist heat up to 212o Fahrenheit. Choose between rectangle and circle top.

Additional Features:

2. Plastic foot caps

3. Strong 'Ladder' steel frame with automatic lock-open system

4. 2" thick top

5. Supports 700-1000lbs

6. 10 year warranty

3. Chair

No table is complete without a chair. The Vicro 9000 school chair is just one of our popular seating:

Virco 9000 School Chairs- Preschoolers will enjoy the comfort of this vented, anti-static plastic seating. It can withstand even the most rambunctious toddlers. Its heavy-duty frame and easy to clean chrome finish makes it an American classroom staple.

Additional Features:

1. Sale Price: $26.55

2. Minimum order quantity is 4

3. Backed by 10 year warranty

4. Whiteboard

Whether you need a wall mounted or mobile board, there are plenty of white dry erase boards to choose from.

ABC Magnetic Markerboard- Best-Rite's Slim Frame Porcelain marker boards offer durability, a super thick " MDF back and slim frame profile. Easily wipe off dry erase markers on the magnetic surface, which offer optimum contrast, and enhanced visibility for superior eye comfort.

Additional Features:

1. Sale Price: $244.85
2.Comes with aluminum tray to store dry erase markers and easers
50 year guarantee.

Top-Quality School Furnitureat Affordable Prices

Take your classroom to thenext level this year with our top selling chairs, tables, student desks and dryerase boards. With a wide selection of furnishing such as computer furniture,lunchroom tables, cribs, tables, chairs desks and so much more, were sureyoull find the perfect school furniture for your educational institution at anaffordable cost. If youre ready toorder, please contact us or call (877) 398-6449. Well be happy to help.