Best Daycare Cots for Schools

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Choosing daycare cots can improve preschool quality time. Nap time is essential. Children need a certain amount of sleep to rest and recharge during the day. When looking at daycare cots for school, you can browse for comfort and practicality.

Preschool Daycare Nap Cots

Options like the Angeles Rest Standard Cot- 4 Spaceline Cots are designed to accommodate your students. The one-piece construction will prevent injuries from loose screws, and you get no loose threads from the heat-sealed seams. You get a seven-year guarantee for this naptime. Please view our selection of daycare costs.

Every child is different. They have different heights and different weights. The ideal solution is to have a toddler naptime cot that is 52 inches long and can comfortably hold up to 80 pounds. Paired with cot sheets, you can provide a comfortable, reliable, and uniform naptime experience for all children.

The School Outlets Daycare Cots Key Features

Providing consistent nap times with preschool cots that are comfortable and provide other qualities ensures children fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed. Lets look at the features a preschool cot should have, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for you.

Provides Space

Depending on your type of cot, you can customize how your preschool cots fit in the room children use for a nap. Some are rounded, while others are rectangular. Special stacking features allow for optimal storage because they efficiently cooperate. You can stack and store twice as many cots within the same space or preserve that space to keep additional items.

Easy Cleaning

Sanitizing daycare cots help to keep children safe. The comfortable fabric, Sof-Tex, is an easy-to-clean surface in the event dirt and other substances get on the cot.

Sof-Tex is a natural, plant-based synthetic leather form that allows easy cleaning. Its spill-resistant and stain resistant. This helps to reduce the number of microbes that could otherwise grow on preschool cots.


Sof-Tex fabric provides a soft feeling yet durable surface. This allows for supreme comfort, which will help children to sleep comfortably above the floor while the material helps to cradle each kid gently. Sof-Tex is the preferred fabric for vehicles and other surfaces because of its comfort, durability, and other features.

Efficiency In Moving

In the instance children sleep in the same setting they learn, the Angeles Rest Standard Cot-1 Spaceline Cot allows for a quick, easy setup for naptime. You must pull out the cots that stack up efficiently and move them to the naptime area. This cot is an excellent option for daycares that otherwise keep an empty room and must be set up for childrens naptime.

Although you want to provide a consistent naptime experience to establish and maintain sleeping habits, the School Outlets daycare cots allow for flexibility. You can set up a daycare cot in any quiet space. Keeping a few extra cots is always a good idea if you have a sick child or a new student.

Easy Storage and Portability

Special daycare cots allow for easy storage and portability. Theyre lightweight, which allows for easy removal from their storage space. You can stack them or place them sideways. You can also store them on shelves.

These costs are also easy to move and place anywhere desired. Once nap time is over, you can quickly remove each cot from the nap area by stacking them and carrying a few at once.

You can store the School Outlets daycare costs in several ways. Theyre lightweight, which makes them perfect for virtually any storage need. You can keep them in a closet or any other storage area due to their accessible stacking features that allow one cot to fit and stack perfectly within another. Store them sideways, on a shelf, or in any other arrangement.

Lightweight Yet Durable

The School Outlets daycare cots lightweight and durable design allow these cots to be used for several years but provide efficiency in maneuverability and storage, but they are durable for regular usage.

Special daycare cots come in one-piece arrangements so that you dont have to worry about screws coming loose and anything else that can cause problems or injuries. The materials used in our cots prevent pieces from tearing, breaking, fraying, and other signs of damage to provide many years of use.

Customize The Toddler Naptime Experience

When you order your School Outlet daycare costs, you can choose to have name tags for all of the children taking naps at your daycare. Despite having the same type of daycare cot as another student, seeing their name on a special daycare cot provides comfort. You can also order soft and comfortable flannel blankets to add to the comforting experience. Kids like familiarity. They want to know if they can sleep on their daycare cot.

Order Your Daycare Cots From School Outlet

You have a wide selection of cots and daycare cot accessories to allow you to customize your order entirely. The School Outlet has blankets, sheets, a variety of cots, casters, and other items to meet space requirements, disinfecting requirements, and other benefits to allow you to choose the perfect solution according to your needs. Look at the School Outlets many other items to meet your daycare needs.

Furnish Your Preschool Daycare With Sleeping Cots School Outlet

You have a few preschool cots to choose from in the School Outlet. One of the first things you will need to decide is the size of the preschool cot you will need for your daycare. You can choose a few heights if you have a few taller kids. Consider green cots for a happy and bright look, a calmer color like blue, or a few patterns.
When you have selected cots or nap mats, contact us today. Visit the School Outlet to choose the best preschool cots for your daycare.