Stand Up Tables

Teacher and Student Stand Up Desks

Stand up desks are commonly seen in corporate environments, but they are quickly gaining popularity in schools. These versatile desks allow students, teachers and other staff members to easily go from sitting to standing, providing great benefits for productivity. At, we carry stand up desks that can be used for classrooms, libraries, school offices and more.

Benefits of Standing Desks for Students

Many people dont see the point of standing desks in schools, especially for younger children, but stand up desks can positively impact a students physical and mental health.

Physical Benefits of Student Stand Up Desks

Standing desks can help tremendously with posture and core strength. When sitting, its easy for students to slouch or hunch over their desk, but standing improves posture and can take pressure off the neck and lower back. Standing desks also improve coordination by causing students to rely on their balance.

Mental and Educational Benefits

Studies have shown that standing desks offer great mental and educational benefits to students. Stand up desks will keep students active, and the increased blood flow and circulation can cause the brain to release more endorphins. This will boost their moods, increase energy and reduce stress. Standing can also increase focus, which in turn leads to productivity and engagement during lessons.

Stand Up Desks for Classrooms

We carry a variety of stand up desks to meet the needs of your classroom. These desks are adjustable, giving students autonomy and allowing them to choose if they wish to sit or stand. Many feature a crank-operated lifting mechanism that quickly moves the desk from sitting to standing in just a few seconds.

We also have stand up desks designed specifically for students. The Luxer Student Sit/Stand Desk has a pneumatic petal that allows students to easily adjust the desk height without causing a disruption. It also includes a convenient placeholder for pencils and water bottles. With four wheels, its easy to move the desk around and encourages a collaborative environment.

Our stand up desks are great for teachers, but if you dont want to commit to a full desk, we have standing desk converters that give you more flexibility. The converters let you turn your existing desk into a standing desk whenever you need it. Theyre designed to hold a monitor with a second shelf for a keyboard and mouse, allowing you to just raise your computer without having to adjust an entire desk surface.

Student Stand Up Desks From School Outlet

Bring beneficial, ergonomic workspaces into your classroom with our selection of stand up desks. School Outlet is committed to helping you create the best classroom environment possible. If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the right product, we have a dedicated team of specialists standing by. Contact us today to speak with our team.