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School Hygiene Equipment

As students return to school in the midst of a pandemic, taking the necessary precautions is extremely important in order to avoid the spread of COVID. At School Outlet, we want to support you during these very stressful times by providing you and your students with the necessary equipment so that they can feel safe as they study and learn in school.

Explore our school hygiene equipment below to assure the safety of your students and teachers.

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    School Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Providing schools with hand sanitizer dispensers is imperative in order to guarantee a sanitized environment. At School Outlet, we cater to the academic realm by supplying classroom furniture. As times change, we shift and adapt in order to better serve the academic community, and we now have included instant hand sanitizer dispensers within our catalog of school furniture in order to help you create a safe environment for students and teachers and prevent the spread of diseases. Explore our selection of hand sanitizer dispensers below!

  • School PPE Health Packs

    School PPE Health Packs

    Coming back to school in the midst of a pandemic can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. At School Outlet we are dedicated to providing you will school furniture and supplies to make your academic environment safe and comfortable for lucrative learning to take place.

    Equip your school with our PPE Health packs in order to provide each student with the necessary tools to protect themselves and prevent the spread of diseases. Our school PPE Health packs come with hand sanitizers, face masks, and wet wipes to prevent germs and bacteria from being passed on in the classroom. Discover our health packs for personal protection below!

  • School Desk Sneeze Guards

    School Desk Sneeze Guards

    School Desk sneeze guards are necessary if you plan on reopening schools while there is still a risk of contracting the virus. School desk sneeze guards can help students, teachers, and faculty feel more comfortable and safe coming back to school. Equip your classrooms with sneeze guards to minimize the spread of germs and diseases.

  • Hanging Sneeze Guards

    Hanging Sneeze Guards

    Help maintain a safer work or learning environment with our affordable range of Hanging Sneeze Guards, Desk Divider and Floor Standing Mobile Sneeze Guard protect your employees, students, vendors, customers, and community members.

    While we are maintaining social distancing to guarantee the safety of students, employees, and customers we are also exploring different ways to prevent the spread of germs. Our hanging sneeze guards are designed to create a barrier between teachers and students as well as vendors and customers in order to protect you from illnesses that spread through the air or through droplets. Explore our hanging sneeze guards below!

  • Mobile Sneeze Shield

    Mobile Sneeze Shields

    Mobile sneeze shields can create a safer environment for students, teachers, and faculty within your academia. Protect your school’s community by providing each classroom with mobile sneeze shields so students can feel comfortable coming back to school.

    At School Outlet, we are dedicated to providing schools with classroom furniture for learning to take place. Our curated selection of top furniture brands guarantees the quality of our wide collection of classroom furniture and equipment. Explore our mobile sneeze shields below to find the best-suited one for you.

Sneeze Guard For Desks

Portable Student Desk Sneeze Guard, Germ Protection – 4 Foldable Panels

Protect your students from COVID-19, the flu, and any other disease with this portable sneeze guard. Students will be able to fold the sneeze guard and take it with them to class to prevent any diseases from spreading. You can easily attach it to your student’s desks and disassemble it when for cleaning.

Pacesetter SG3092 – Foldable Portable Tabletop PETG Clear Barrier

This clear barrier will allow students to attend class while protecting themselves and others from the virus. The clear barrier acts as a sneeze guard, so that in case somebody coughs or sneezes, the germs will remain within the vicinity of the student’s desk. Equip your classrooms and desks with sneeze guards in order to guarantee a risk-free environment.

3 Panel Sneeze Guard Foldable Shield, Easy Carry

This foldable shield features 3 panels so that your students can be protected from a sneeze from all sides. This shield is easy to carry in case your students need to change classrooms between courses or if you need to clean it.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Diversified Modern Series Hand Sanitizer Unit (Stand & Dispenser)

By placing a hand sanitizer dispenser in each classroom door you can assure a more sanitized environment. Students will be able to kill any germs that may be laying on the surface of the skin and go into each class with clean hands. Avoid the spread of germs with our hand sanitizer dispensers.

Hand Sanitizer Station, Non-Touch – Single-Sided

This non-touch hand sanitizer station can detect when hands are placed below it in order to dispense hand sanitizer automatically and prevent germs from spreading on the hand sanitizer station itself. Explore our wide selection of hand sanitizers in order to refill your dispensers and hand sanitizer stations.

School Safety Signs

These social distancing signs will help students remember the importance of standing six feet apart as well as dictate where students should stand when waiting in line for the bathroom or in the cafeteria.

Home Hygiene Equipment School Safety Signs School Face Mask Required

This sign can be applied on a wall, door, or window to remind students and faculty that face masks are required and social distancing is necessary while on school premisses.

Wash Your Hands Poster

This “Wash Your Hands Bubbles School Bathroom Sign” can be placed in the bathroom so that students, staff, teachers, and parents can remember to wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom.

Back to School During COVID

At School Outlet, we are dedicated to providing you with classroom furniture for learning to take place. Since the pandemic a lot of things have changed, we want to let you know that we’re here to support you and want to help stop the spread of germs and diseases. We hope that with our selection of hygiene equipment students can feel comfortable and safe while learning in school.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.