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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Classroom’s Furniture

5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Classroom’s FurnitureThese days, when it comes to school furniture, it’s all about ergonomics. As a teacher, you want your students to pay attention in class, right? So if you see your kids squirming in their seats or you can tell it’s impossible for them to get comfortable, then perhaps it’s time to replace the uncomfortable desks in your classroom.

School Outlet has come up with 5 signs it’s time for you to replace the furniture in your classroom. Some signs are clearer than others (like the chairs are detaching from the desks), but what we really want you to keep in mind is your student’s comfort is number one (#1!). Your students need to be comfortable so they can focus in class and do what they are there to do: Learn!


There are many reasons why cracks occur (preventing cracks is its own subject). For example, if wooden desks are overly exposed to the sun, then the wood eventually dries out and cracks. Furthermore, many things can cause plastic to crack, like: weight, materials wearing, and abuse. Cracks in school furniture happen and if the furniture in your school’s classroom is cracked, then it’s probably time to replace it.


You might argue cracking and breaking are the same, but if a chair leg breaks off then it’s not necessarily a crack. If your classroom’s furniture is broken in any way that makes the furniture unusable, then it’s time to replace it. Examples of broken school furniture include: broken chair legs, broken chair backs, bent chair or desk legs that can’t be replaced. If the furniture can be fixed, then you should do that. But if the damage is irreparable, then it’s time for new furniture.

3.Vandalized Beyond Repair

A few scratches, dents, or Sharpie marks isn’t going to distinguish a student’s focus, but if vandalism is so bad that it is distracting and there is no way to get rid of it, then you might want to replace the furniture or cover it up.

4.Out Of Date

Outdated furniture might not make students lose their focus, but modern furniture can improve the moods of students and teachers. People like when rooms and environments look nice and are clean and orderly. If the furniture in your classroom is outdated and could be replaced, and you know your students will benefit from the replacement, then what’s stopping you?


Last, but arguably the most important: Comfort. If the furniture in your classroom is not comfortable, then now is the time to get new furniture. Students must be comfortable to excel in the classroom!

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