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Criteria to Buying Comfortable Computer


Unless you're involved completely in manual work, then the chances are high that you're involved in a job that uses a computer at least during some portion of the day. If you're responsible for the upkeep or purchase of computer workstations, then you need to provide comfortable work spaces for the people using them.

Sitting at a computer workstation for lengthy periods can cause anyone problems if their absolute comfort has not been taken into consideration. Poor posture can even induce injuries as it puts unnecessary strain on muscles and bones. The human body is not actually designed to sit for eight hours a day or more, so having a comfortable computer workstation is of paramount importance.

The Ten Rules of a Comfortable Computer Workstation

The chair

  • The chair height can be adjusted to maintain the work surface at elbow level, and to allow adequate leg clearance
  • The back rest can be adjusted to provide adequate lumbar and spinal support
  • The chair can be adjusted to prevent slouching
  • The chair should allow the elbows to be kept close to the body, and the head and body to be kept straight
  • Adequate chair height so the feet can be rested on the ground or on a footrest

The workstation

  • The monitor should be positioned within sixteen inches of the body
  • The monitor/chair height should be adjusted so the top of the monitor is just around eye level
  • The workstation top should be adjusted so fingers are relaxed with wrists comfortable
  • The entire workstation should be adjusted so elbows are straight
  • If possible, a keyboard tray should be supplied for extra comfort

If you are providing computer workstations for a school, college or any type of educational facility, then the chances are high they are likely to be used by a lot of different people. As people typically come in all shapes and sizes, it's important that your workstations are flexible enough to cope with a large number of body types. This means that both the workstation furniture you provide and the chairs must be completely adjustable.

The computer workstations we tend to recommend the most here at School Outlet are the ones created and built by Safco. These ergonomically-designed computer tables come complete with a housing unit for the PC tower, a small alcove for a printer or other similar peripheral and a pull out, safe-spacing tray for the keyboard and mouse.

We also can provide you with an immense selection of chairs all suitable for use with a computer workstation. Many are fully adjustable with variable height and excellent lumbar support, making them ideal for extended use, keeping their users comfortable at all times.

For more information about our computer workstations and chairs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a company that specializes in school furniture, and we pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer service and our selection of the best in quality education-related furniture. We can be contacted via telephone at (877) 398-6449 or you can also use the online contact form from our website.