Art Supply Cabinets

At School Outlet, we have all the necessary equipment to make learning fluid and convenient. We are the best-known distributor and supplier of school furniture in the US. It is essential for all environments of academia to be equipped with the right furniture in order to make every environment fulfilling and enriching.

We supply you with the best brands, such as Diversified Woodcrafts so that you can have high-quality school furniture that will last you ages. We have curated the best Diversified Woodcrafts has to offer under the Art Storage category to simplify the decision-making process for you. Explore them below!

Painting Storage Cabinets

Painting storage cabinets provide safe storage for your artwork. Made from solid wood, this double-wall storage cabinet will keep your students paintings upright so that the paint doesnt smear on anything that could damage the piece. Every art studio necessities classroom furniture that can store artwork in a practical manner.

Flat File & Paper Storage

Art Supply Cabinets

Made with 100% wood, this is a filing cabinet with style. Flat file cabinets are essential in an art class so that students can store their craft supply, drawing paper, canvases and their illustrations in a dry and safe place. This paper storage cabinet and file storage will make organizing students and their productions of art an easy process for you as a teacher.

This cabinet will supply storage and optimize classroom space for you, so you can organize the classroom in an array of easels and painting students. You will also avoid the risk of losing your students files or artwork, which makes it easier on you as a teacher to grade and review.

Art Horses & Bench Easels

Art Supply Cabinets

Having your students stand for the entire time that they are painting can hinder their creative process because they can get tired or distracted. This bench easel allows students to sit while they paint or draw, giving them the support and comfort they need to express themselves freely and creatively.

This Art Horse is versatile, you can easily take it out of the classroom in order to paint scenic landscapes, trees, flowers or any other element of nature commonly utilized in art classes for references and inspiration. Sturdy and durable this easel will last your lifetime if not there is lifetime warranty available for this product.

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